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Basic Properties

Active substance: Insulin glulisine

Solostar Apidra 100 units/ml is an injectable anti-diabetes solution in the prefilled pen. Each pen contains 3 ml of solution for injection, equivalent 300 units (1ml of the medication equals 100 units of insulin (3.49 mg).

The injectable Apidra remedy is a clear, colorless, and liquid solution for subcutaneous administration.

One of the main actions of the medication of insulin is the control of glucose metabolism. This substance is able to decrease the level of glucose in the blood, promoting the absorption of glucose by adipose and peripheral tissues, skeletal muscles, and helps to reduce the appearance of glucose in the liver.


The Apidra insulin glulisine injection is subscribed for patients older than 6 years old with diabetes mellitus disease to control the blood sugar level when insulin treatment is required.

Limitations of Use

The patients with the following issues are not allowed to take injections with Apidra insulin pens and should look for alternatives:

  • sensitivity to drug components;
  • hypoglycemia;
  • be careful when using the Apidra insulin pump in pregnant patients.

Dosage and Administration

The drug should be administered within the time frames 0-15 minutes before or after the meal. The schedule of using insulin pen Apidra is determined individually for every patient. The anti-diabetes medication should be administered subcutaneously and be used in the kinds of therapies that use insulin having a middle or long period of action.

Important Administration Instructions

The doctor should instruct the patient about the rules to administer Apidra. Any changes in the kind of insulin therapy should be accompanied by close medical supervision because there may arise a situation that will demand an adjustment of insulin dose. When the diet or regime of exercising is changed, it demands changes in the taken doses of insulin.

The patient should be careful when injecting Apidra and not allow the drug to get into the blood vessels or muscles. It is also forbidden to massage the injection site irrespectively of the area.

To avoid unwanted body reactions and severe side effects, the patient should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations and the prescribed insulin dose.

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Side Effects

The common side effects after the injection with Apidra may include the following reactions:

  • hypoglycemia;
  • palpitations;
  • nausea;
  • fatigue;
  • local reactions at the injection site;
  • headache;
  • drowsiness;
  • hunger;
  • visual disturbances.

If the patient notices any severe reactions, changes of the skin at the injection site, etc., it is a serious reason to stop taking the medication and apply to the doctor for medical help.

Storage and Handling Conditions

The shelf-life of the medication is 2 years. When the product is opened, it can be kept at a temperature below 25°C not longer than 4 weeks. The package should be kept in the dark place, far from direct sunlight and heat. Do not store the open pens in a refrigerator. The unopen pens can be kept in a refrigerator at temperatures (2°C – 8°C) but should not be frozen.

Where to Buy Apidra Solostar Pens 100 Units?

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  1. Madilyn Kramer

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    I understood that pens are not for me. Call me old-fashioned, but I enjoy using vials much more. They feel safer to me.

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    Great pens! Way more convenient than traditional vials.

  3. Miguel Heath

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    Finally, Apidra is in stock again! I’ve been waiting for some time, I thought it would never happen!

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    A good example of quality and affordability, a perfect option for people like me. Insulin.Store shipped my order pretty quickly, and the parcel arrived in less than a week, which is quite impressive for the delivery from abroad. It makes me very happy.

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    Excellent, 5/5 product, I think it’s amazing!

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    A very good pen, it’s easy to use, and the quality of the solution itself is great. I like it a lot!

  8. Jessika Brauer

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    4 out of 5. A great insulin pen.

  9. Pierre

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    It’s good.

  10. Butcher D.

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    Apidra Solostar works very well, I’ve never had problems with it. Even though I’ve heard some stories about how it doesn’t work for some people, but some products just cannot be universal and work for everybody, I guess.

  11. Laura M.

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    I like Apidra for its quality and affordability. Recommend.

  12. Michael Veksman

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    My first time trying pens instead of syringes; so far, everything is great. Insulin.Store delivered my order in four days. Everything is fine.

  13. Veronica H.

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    I love these pens since they are very convenient! 5 out of 5, without any doubt!

  14. Gyles

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    Moved from Apidra vials to Apidra Solostar pens. Want to make two conclusions as of now: 1) Apidra works well in any form; 2) I still can’t decide what is more convenient to use: a syringe or a pen. Probably I will still have to adjust to a Solostar. Anyway, thank you for having both Apidra variations available in stock!

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