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Basic Properties

Insulin Humulin from the Swizz manufacturer Lilly Vostok, S.A. is an insulin medication of medium duration with a rapid onset of action. The active substance of the drug is human insulin. The form of release of Humulin 70/30 is a vial with the injectable suspension based on DNA recombinant intermediate-acting insulin. It is a two-phase suspension (30% Insulin Regular and 70% Humulin NPH). The concentration of the active substance is 100 units/ml, where 30% are comprised by insulin human soluble, and 70% – insulin isophane suspension. The other excipients of the drug include meta cresol – 1.6 mg, glycerol – 16 mg, liquid phenol – 0.65 mg, protamine sulfate – 0.244 mg, sodium hydrogen phosphate – 3.78 mg, zinc oxide – 0.011 mg, water – up to 1 ml, hydrochloric acid solution 10% – q.s. to pH 6.9-7.8, sodium hydroxide solution 10% – q.s. up to pH 6.9-7.8.

The suspension is a liquid solution for subcutaneous administration of white color, which stratifies, forming a white precipitate and a transparent colorless or almost colorless supernatant liquid. The precipitate is easily resuspended with gentle shaking.

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  • diabetes mellitus if there are indications for insulin therapy;
  • newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy with type 2 diabetes mellitus (non-insulin-dependent).

Dosage and Rules of Administration

Insulin dose is determined individually, depending on the level of glycemia. The drug should be administered subcutaneously, possibly intramuscularly. Intravenous injection of Humulin 70/30 is contraindicated!

The injection can be performed in the area of the shoulder, thigh, or abdomen. The same injection site should not be used more frequently than once a month, that is why the patient should regularly switch the places for injections. Do not rub or massage the place after injection.

The doctor should train the patient on the correct Humulin 70/30 administration technique.

Side Effects

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is the main and most common side effect associated with the injections of insulin Humulin 70/30. A severe case of hypoglycemia may lead to the loss of consciousness and sometimes even death.

Allergic reactions such as hyperemia, swelling, or itching at the injection site may occur, but they are not serious and will disappear within a few days (in rare cases, weeks).

General itching, hard breathing, dyspnea, decreased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and excessive sweating are rarer but more serious side effects, and sometimes they may become life-threatening.

The patient should monitor his/her level of blood sugar and the reaction of the organism to the injection of the drug. In case of severe allergic reactions or any other side effects, the patient should immediately inform the doctor to get medical advice and medical help if needed.


70/30 insulin Humulin injections are contraindicated in the following cases:

  • hypoglycemia;
  • hypersensitivity to any of the components of the medication.

Pregnant and breastfeeding patients, as well as patients with liver dysfunction or renal failure, should use Humulin 70/30 under medical supervision as these conditions may change the level of blood sugar, and the corresponding adjustments in the taken amount of insulin may be required.

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    Excellent when it comes to blood sugar control, but very uncomfortable to use. For me, Humulin Kwikpen is the best because it takes less space, and the dose is defined in advance, all you need to do is to inject. Still, zero complaints about the product’s effectiveness.

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    I’m not the biggest fan of vials because carrying around all the syringes, devices, and other things is not the most comfortable option. However, it works well as an alternative.

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    My doctor prescribed me Humulin 30/70 as a medication to keep my blood sugar levels within the normal range. After injecting it for a couple of months, I have noticed that I really feel much better! The constant feeling of being thirsty disappeared, and I am not that tired anymore. I’m gonna go and do a blood test soon… Hope to see my blood sugar levels normalized!

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