Novolin GE 50/50 PenFill Cartridge 5 x 3 ml

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The instruction can’t play the role of a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Basic Properties

Active substance:  Insulin Isophane

Novolin Ge is a combination of 50% Regular insulin and 50% NPH insulin suspension. It goes in the form of cartridges for a reusable pen. It is an analog for natural human insulin that is designed to help people with high blood sugar.

The medicine itself is a mixture of short-acting and intermediate-acting insulin. It demands some time to start working and is helpful for 24 hours after the administration. Before applying the remedy, check the solution carefully. It should be transparent, without any foreign particles or sediment.

Instructions for Use

The patient should use this medication before the meal. Apply Novolin subcutaneously, but do not inject it into the vein or muscle. The penfill cartridge can’t be used by two different patients, even if the needle was replaced. It is recommended to always keep an extra cartridge because sometimes patients may need an extra insulin dose.


These categories of people cannot use Novolin:

  • With allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to any ingredients of the injection;
  • With an upcoming episode of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Check with your doctor if there are any possible alternatives if needed.

Dosing and Administration

Usually, people use insulin when the pancreas is not able to make enough of it. Only a doctor or pharmacist can prescribe the amount of insulin products to the patient. Moreover, only the specialist may change the dose if there is a start, stop, or change in the other person’s medications. Breast feeding women may also ask the doctor for medical advice about how to use the insulin cartridge in their situation.

The injection site where the dose of insulin may be applied includes the belly, buttocks, and shoulders. Switch these places regularly to avoid bumps and lumps formation. Disinfect the area of choice before the injection and do not massage it afterward.

In case of low blood sugar episodes, make sure you have a quick source of sugar nearby. It may be a sugary drink, a piece of clear sugar, or a glucose pill. However, sometimes it cannot be enough due to some external factors or if you miss a dose. If that happened, call your doctor right away to get a glucagon injection.

Side Effects

After every insulin product, you may experience several symptoms. Side effects you may experience include:

  • Injection site reactions, such as rash, redness, or allergies;
  • Itching after taking this medication;
  • Noticable skin changes;
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level).

In case of symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, such as loss of consciousness, sudden pallor, blurred vision, contact your doctor to get medical help right away. These side effects may occur if the patient has fever, infection, injury, or other aspects that may affect the overall health condition.

Storage and Handling Conditions

Unopened cartridges with a remedy, like all drugs that treat diabetes mellitus, should always be stored in the refrigerator (temperature – from 2 to 10 ° C). It cannot be frozen, and if it was – do not use it on the patients!

If Novolin is currently in use, it should be kept at room temperature (not higher than 30 ° C). Hide it from the children and direct sunlight/heat source.

The cartridges can’t be used after the expiration date indicated on the box with a medication.

Where to Buy Novolin N Penfill Online

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