NovoRapid (Novolog) FlexTouch Pens 5 x 3 ml

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Form: Flextouch
1 package includes: 5 Pens

Basic Properties of Novolog Flexpen

Active substance: Insulin Aspart

Flexpen Novolog FlexTouch is a pre-filled disposable pen with insulin Aspart for adults and children with diabetes mellitus. It plays the role of human insulin analog for people with troubles controlling blood sugar levels and regulating glucose levels. With its help, it is possible to readjust it to different tissues, such as muscles, fat, or the liver.

This type of remedy starts acting approximately 10 minutes after the administration and may keep the effect up to 5 hours. Because of the short action of the injection, doctors recommend using it in combination with intermediate-acting or long-acting insulin.

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It is important to check the solution before the administration. It should be clear and transparent, without sediment or foreign particles. If not, please, use another pen.

Find out more helpful information about the Novolog sliding scale for better blood sugar control.

Instructions for Use

Insulin Aspart from Novo Nordisk should be administered subcutaneously, the injection areas include the belly, shoulders, and thighs. The place should be changed after every injection to avoid bumps formation. Do not inject it into the vein or a muscle. You cannot share the same penfill cartridge or pen for different people even if the needles were changed. Before applying Novolog flexpen, make sure it is a room temperature (in this way, the process will be more comfortable). Do not massage the injection site after using insulin.


Patients with the following issues cannot use Novolog insulin Aspart:

  • Those with allergies or hypersensitivity to any component of the remedy;
  • During the upcoming hypoglycemia (low blood sugar episodes).

It is possible to contact the doctor to choose the analog.

Dosing and Administration

The dose of the insulin Aspart for diabetes should be prescribed only by the doctor, the patient can’t decide that by themselves.

The specialist should control the amount of the remedy taken and recalculate it in case of any change in a diet, exercising routine, unexpected diseases, and illnesses, etc.

Any changes in long-acting insulin that the person currently takes may require changes in the short-acting one. You can get all the information in the doctor’s office.

Side Effects

While using Novolog FlexTouch pen for diabetes, remember that it may cause the following signs and symptoms are possible:

  • Injection site reactions (such as swelling, rash, or allergic reactions);
  • Mood swings;
  • Hyperglycemia;
  • Shifts in potassium levels;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • Dizziness.

Most of them should be gone without the doctor’s assistance. However, sometimes, complications in patients’ health after the insulin therapy may happen. They include lipodystrophy, ventricular arrhythmia, symptoms of heart failure, trouble breathing, etc. If any of those complications appear, it is necessary to call the specialist and get medical help.

Insulin products can’t be used during episodes of low blood sugar. First, patients need to eat something that contains sugar, like a sugary drink, glucose pill, or a plain sugar cube. If it is not helpful, the health care provider’s help is necessary. Contact them to get the glucagon injection and avoid the risk of complications.

Storage and Handling Conditions

Unopened insulin Aspart flextouch pens 5 x 3ml should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature from 2 to 8 ° C. The remedy cannot be frozen, and if it was – it can’t be used anymore! The remedy should be kept in a dark, dry place, protected from direct sunlight and heat. Keep away from the children. Do not use it after the expiration date mentioned on the package.

Novorapid flextouch pens for diabetes that are currently in use or are about to be used should be stored at a room temperature not higher than 25 ° C. You can keep it for six weeks since the opening moment, and throw it away after this period of time even if there is still remedy left.

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