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Basic Properties of Fiasp Flextouch

The medicine Fiasp Flextouch from the Novo Nordisk manufacturer is a fast-acting insulin product to control high blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes mellitus. Except for the active substance insulin aspart, as in its previous versions, Flextouch incorporates L-arginine (amino acid) and niacinamide (vitamin B3), which accelerate the absorption of insulin by the organism. The composition of the drug also includes phenol, metacresol, glycerol, zinc acetate, disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, arginine hydrochloride, nicotinamide, hydrochloric acid (for pH correction), sodium hydroxide (for pH correction), water for injections.

The package of insulin Fiasp includes 5 single-use delivery systems with 3ml of the transparent and colorless or almost colorless suspension for injections. It should not contain any visible particles.

You can buy Fiasp Flextouch as well as a variety of many other insulin products in our store, Please be aware that you will need to provide a valid prescription for the drug from your doctor. Otherwise, we will not be able to proceed with your order.


The medication can be used to maintain a normal blood sugar level in adult patients with diabetes mellitus.

Dosage of Fiasp Insulin Aspart Injection

The dosage for Fiasp insulin aspart injections should be determined by the healthcare provider individually, basing on the patient’s blood sugar level.

Rules of Administration

The drug was elaborated for subcutaneous administration. The form of release of Flextouch insulin aspart in pen for injections provides more accurate dosing and helps to avoid the severe manifestations of side effects. When prescribing insulin medication, Flextouch, the doctor should teach the patient on the injections technique.

Side Effects of Fiasp Flextouch Insulin

The injections with insulin aspart in Fiasp preparations may be followed up by the following reactions:

  • hypoglycemia (low blood sugar);
  • allergic reactions;
  • redness;
  • swelling;
  • itching.

As a rule, these side effects are temporary and should disappear within a few next days. In case the patient notices severe side effects, allergic reactions, hypersensitivity, injection treatment with Fiasp should be interrupted. The next step is to inform the healthcare provider and adjust the dose or switch to another insulin product.


Products based on insulin, including Fiasp, are contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Hypoglycemia,
  • childhood and adolescence up to 18 years,
  • hypersensitivity to insulin aspart.

Fiasp Flextouch insulin can be used in patients during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As during these periods, the level of blood glucose may vary, the corresponding adjustment of the dosage may be required.

It can also be used in patients with liver dysfunction or impaired renal function with the appropriate correction of the insulin dose.

When using Fiasp in elderly patients, it is essential to closely monitor the level of glucose concentration in the blood and determine the dose individually. There is no experience of using Flextouch Fiasp insulin in patients above 75 years old.

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