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How to Order?
Purchase insulin and insulin-like products at Insulin.Store. Click here to learn more about details and rules on our website. Contact us in case of having any questions!
How to Order?
Purchase insulin and insulin-like products at Insulin.Store. Click here to learn more about details and rules on our website. Contact us in case of having any questions!
About the brand

Saxenda medication by the Novo Nordisk manufacturer for helping with weight-related medical problems in patients is available at Insulin.Store:

  • Saxenda Prefilled Syringe 6mg/ml 5x3ml.

This prescription medicine with liraglutide active ingredient in its base is mainly recommended for patients with such health issues as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes mellitus, or obesity. You can purchase Saxenda liraglutide at Insulin.Store online at the most affordable price. Do not forget about the valid prescription from your health care provider. It is required to make an order at our online shop.

Can I lose weight with the help of Saxenda?

Saxenda is a medication that is meant to help with weight loss. It can be used by the following categories of patients:

  • Adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 and higher;
  • Children from age 12 to 17 with body weight above 60 kg (132 pounds).

You cannot lose weight by just using Saxenda. It should always be used together with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise routine. Saxenda itself is just a supportive medication.

How does Saxenda work for weight loss?

Saxenda acts very similarly to glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1) hormone, which occurs naturally in people’s bodies. With its help, it is possible to control hunger and regulate the appetite in a person. By doing that, the amount of calories consumed per day gets reduced, and the person starts to lose weight.

How should I apply Saxenda?

Saxenda is a prescription medicine that should be administered daily at approximately the same time of the day. In case of a missed dose, apply the medication as soon as you remember it. It doesn’t matter whether you use it before or after the meal. The dose should be prescribed only by a professional health care provider, the patient cannot do it on their own.

These medicines should be administered subcutaneously (under the skin) into one of the following areas: upper arm, abdomen (upper stomach), thighs, buttocks. It is highly recommended to change the place of the injections after every remedy application in order to avoid bumps formation under the skin. The injection can’t be administered into the vein or muscle. Do not massage the area afterward.

Do not share a Saxenda pen with other people, even if the needle was changed. It may be dangerous and lead to various diseases.

Does Saxenda cause any side effects?

Common side effects may occur after starting to use Saxenda treatment. It can include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, injection site issues (allergic reactions, swelling, itching, redness, rash), etc. These are not dangerous and do not need a doctor’s assistance.

Severe side effects that require the medical help of a doctor include:

  • Kidney problems (little or no urination);
  • Fast heartbeat;
  • Severe allergic reaction;
  • Neck hoarseness;
  • Problems swallowing or shortness;
  • Lump or swelling in the neck;
  • Loss of fluids (dehydration);
  • Unexpected mood swings.

Call your doctor right away as soon as you noticed any of those symptoms. Chances are, they may lead to serious health issues, so medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment may be required.

Which categories of patients cannot apply Saxenda?

If you relate to any of the following conditions, you cannot use Saxenda for losing weight:

  • MTC or Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN 2);
  • A history of medullary thyroid cancer in you or any of your family members;
  • Allergies or hypersensitivity to any of the drug components;
  • Women who are currently pregnant or are planning to get pregnant (it is not entirely studied how the medicine may influence the child).

Saxenda cannot be taken together with GLP-1 receptor agonist medications. The patient also cannot drink alcohol while using the remedy. Inform the doctor if you are currently taking any vitamins, prescription or over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, etc. You may need to recalculate the dosage or change the medicines.

Can Saxenda be used during low blood sugar episodes?

No, before using a Saxenda pen, you should get your blood glucose levels back to normal. It can be done by having a sweet snack (honey, nuts, candies, etc.) or a sugary drink. It is also a good idea to have glucose pills with you. In severe cases of hypoglycemia, the patient may require a doctor’s assistance (and a glucagon injection).

Mind that Saxenda for weight loss may cause nausea sometimes, so be careful with sweet food. Glucose pills will be the best option to avoid this unfortunate symptom.

How to store Saxenda correctly?

Saxenda medications should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2°C to 8°C. Do not put it in the freezer or close to the freezer department. If you accidentally freeze the medicine – do not apply it!

Saxenda pens that are currently in use or are about to be used should be kept at a room temperature not higher than 25°C, or in the refrigerator (from 2°C to 8°C). Use the medications within a month after you have opened them. Store in a dark, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight and heat. Keep away from the children.

The pen cannot be used if the liquid in it is not colorless and transparent or has foreign particles in it. It should be thrown away; contact the local pharmacist to learn more about how to discard the medication properly.

How much does Saxenda cost?

The Saxenda prices at Insulin Store are indicated on our website on the page “Saxenda”:

  • Saxenda Prefilled Syringe 6mg/ml 5x3ml – $545.

The prices may change with time, so visit the web page with medication to see the up-to-date cost. Do not hesitate to contact customer support if you still have any questions left. We will gladly help you with your order!

How do you get prescribed Saxenda?

In order to have Saxenda prescribed to you, you need to visit your health care provider to get a professional opinion on your health condition. After receiving the doctor’s prescription, you may purchase Saxenda n the local pharmacy or order online.

To buy Saxenda at Insulin.Store, you need to upload the scan of the prescription to our website. After verification, your order will be confirmed and sent to you.

Can I buy Saxenda online from Canada?

Yes, of course, you can! At Insulin.Store, you may purchase Saxenda as well as various other insulin and insulin-like medications from Canada. It is 100% percent legal and an easy process!

Buy at Insulin.Store and use all the benefits we offer you:

  • A wide range of high-quality products;
  • Affordable prices lower than the average price on the USA market;
  • Well-packed parcels that will be safely shipped to you;
  • A team of professionals who are ready to help at any moment.

Contact customer support by dialing the number indicated on the website or leaving the request. We are waiting for your order!


Trust only proven and stable suppliers. Never buy insulin products from unofficial and unlicensed companies. It can be dangerous for your life and health.

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