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How to Order?
Purchase insulin and insulin-like products at Insulin.Store. Click here to learn more about details and rules on our website. Contact us in case of having any questions!
How to Order?
Purchase insulin and insulin-like products at Insulin.Store. Click here to learn more about details and rules on our website. Contact us in case of having any questions!
About the brand

More than 415 million people worldwide live with diabetes mellitus these days. Luckily, there exists a wide range of medications that efficiently help to regulate blood sugar levels.

One of the most advanced brands of diabetes-related medications available on the contemporary pharmaceutical market these days is Ozempic. So, let us take a detailed look at it right away!

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How much does Ozempic Cost?

The average price for Ozempic depends on a number of characteristics of your current pharmacy. Currently, the cost of Ozempic at is – $465.  Also, there is always a chance to find semaglutide for sale and, therefore, save money.

Ozempic semaglutide, in particular, is typically prescribed for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, as well as those who need extra help on their weight loss journey. Order Ozempic now to have it shipped quickly from Canada!

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The shipping may take a little longer with Ozempic. Canadian pharmacy Insulin.Store ensures delivery of all the orders as fast as possible, but still, there may be some delays as the medication is shipped to America from abroad.

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Ozempic Description

Ozempic is is an FDA-approved prescription medication that aims to regulate blood sugar levels in adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is manufactured in Denmark by Novo Nordisk (a global pharmaceutical company).

Apart from being able to lower blood sugar, Ozempic is also used to reduce the level of hemoglobin A1C and, therefore, diminish the risk of major cardiovascular diseases (like stroke or heart attack).

According to the American Diabetes Association, people with type 2 diabetes mellitus are recommended to have an A1C level of less than 7%. It is an absolutely achievable goal for those who take Ozempic.

The main active component of Ozempic is semaglutide (the class of receptor agonists). It serves as a substitution for the human glucagon-like peptide-1 (the so-called GLP-1) that is used to increase insulin secretion.

The product works as follows: After being injected into the human body, it decreases appetite, delays gastric emptying, and slows down intestinal motility. It eventually leads to a decrease in high blood sugar levels.

The diabetes medication of Ozempic is advertised in the form of a single-use injection pen. Therefore, it is an extremely convenient and safe method to maintain normally low blood sugar in a patient.

According to its treatment protocol, Ozempic should be injected once a week (regardless of the food intake). It is essential to administer the medication on the same day each week under the skin of the upper leg, upper arm, or stomach area of a patient’s body. Injection sites should be changed from time to time. Not sure which is better than Ozempic or Trulicity? Check out our Ozempic vs Trulicity comparison article.

It is the task of a healthcare provider to prescribe a patient a precise plan of the Ozempic administration in accordance with their current medical condition. The main reason for it is that it belongs to prescription medications.


The primary indication of Ozempic is to help patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus maintain normal levels of blood sugar regularly. The medication is also used to normalize A1C levels.

On top of that, Ozempic might lead to body weight loss in some patients. However, it is important to mention that the medication is not specifically indicated for this particular purpose.

Ozempic is not indicated for patients under the age of 18. Also, it is not a suitable medication for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus.

How to use Ozempic pens?

Using the Ozempic pen involves several steps. However, it’s important to note that the following instructions are general guidelines, and you should always follow your healthcare provider’s specific instructions. If you have any doubts or concerns, consult your healthcare professional.

Here’s a general guide on how to use the Ozempic pen:

Before You Start:

  1. Gather Your Supplies:
    • Ozempic pen
    • Alcohol swabs
    • A sharps container for needle disposal
  2. Check the Medication:
    • Ensure you have the correct medication and that it is not expired.

Prepare the Pen:

  1. Wash Your Hands:
    • Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Inspect the Pen:
    • Check the Ozempic pen for any damage. Do not use a damaged pen.
  3. Attach the Needle:
    • Remove the pen cap and protective cap from the needle.
    • Screw the needle onto the pen until it’s tight.
  4. Prime the Pen:
    • Dial the dose to 0.25 mg.
    • Hold the pen with the needle pointing up.
    • Press and hold the dose button until the dose counter shows “0.”

Administer the Injection:

  1. Select the Dose:
    • Dial your prescribed dose.
  2. Prepare the Injection Site:
    • Clean the injection site with an alcohol swab and let it dry.
  3. Inject the Medication:
    • Hold the pen at a 90-degree angle to your skin.
    • Insert the needle fully into the skin.
    • Inject the medication by pressing the dose button fully.
  4. Withdraw the Needle:
    • Keep the needle in the skin for a few seconds before withdrawing it.
  5. Apply Pressure:
    • Apply gentle pressure to the injection site with a cotton ball or gauze.

After the Injection:

  1. Dispose of the Needle:
    • Safely dispose of the needle in a sharps container.
  2. Record the Injection:
    • Keep a record of the date, time, and dose of each injection.

Do not use your pen without proper training from your healthcare provider. Make sure that you know how to give yourself an injection with the pen before you start your treatment. Always follow your healthcare provider’s instructions and never reuse needles. If you have questions or concerns about using the Ozempic pen, contact your healthcare professional or pharmacist for guidance.


There exist several contraindications to the Ozempic treatment. Here is the list of the most important ones:

  • Severe health issues (for instance, kidney problems, thyroid tumors, thyroid cancer, high blood pressure, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome, and so on);
  • Serious allergic reactions to semaglutide;
  • Episodes of low blood sugar.

As well, a medication might be limited under one of the following circumstances:

  • If a patient has experienced kidney damage;
  • If a patient has a history of diabetic retinopathy;
  • If a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding.

In case of planning pregnancy, a patient is recommended to stop using Ozempic in advance.

Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, the usage of Ozempic does not lead to any serious symptoms or health problems. However, it might still cause the appearance of the following most common side effects:

  • A serious allergic reaction around the injection site (including skin redness, itching, or swelling);
  • Appetite suppression (and, as a result, weight loss);
  • An episode of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

A patient should contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible in case of experiencing hypoglycemia (which is one of the possible side effects after the treatment). The main reason for it is that the symptoms of low blood sugar may indicate the inappropriately prescribed dosage of Ozempic.

Serious side effects that might appear after the administration of Ozempic include:

  • Trouble swallowing;
  • Trouble breathing;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Fast heartbeat;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Kidney problems.

If a patient does not feel well after semaglutide injections, medical help might be required.


  • Can Ozempic be ordered without a valid prescription?

    Ozempic is a serious medication used to treat diabetes and cannot be purchased without a prescription from a licensed physician.

  • Does Ozempic need to be refrigerated?

    Ozempic might either be stored at room temperature (15 to 30 degrees Celsius) or refrigerated (2 to 8 degrees Celsius)

  • What should be done in case of missing a dose?

    A missed dose of Ozempic might negatively influence the effectiveness of the treatment. Still, a patient might “catch up” with the treatment protocol by injecting the medication within five days after missing a dose (while the next dose should be administered on a regularly scheduled injection day)

  • Can Ozempic be combined with other diabetes medications or herbal supplements?

    To avoid any unwanted drug interactions, Ozempic might be combined with other medications and supplements (for instance, glucose tablets) only after consulting with a certified medical professional.

  • What can be done to improve the effect of Ozempic?

    It is recommended to use Ozempic in combination with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Thus, a patient will be able to regulate their blood glucose levels and hemoglobin A1C as efficiently as possible.

  • How long does it take to ship Ozempic from Canada?

    It takes 4-10 business days. We provide a shipment tracking number so that you can track your package.


Trust only proven and stable suppliers. Never buy insulin products from unofficial and unlicensed companies. It can be dangerous for your life and health.

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