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Insulin.Store is your reliable supplier of insulin and insulin-like medications. Each customer can enjoy a 5% discount off their first order, plus numerous other special offers we come up with regularly. Check out all the current discounts below!
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Direct supplies from the Canadian Pharmacy

We are an officially registered company that has the state-granted right to supply Cheap insulin. We have only the authentic product.

Lower prices and reliable supplies

The price of canadian insulin is up to 90% lower than in the local market. We guarantee delivery of products to the U.S.

Address delivery in thermal containers

All products have insulin containers. Order processing time is 2-3 business days. Shipping usually takes 2-4 business days after your order has been processed.

helpful service support and pharmacists consultation

We are always happy to answer all your questions and help you out. The goal of our company is to serve people.

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-5% Off Your First Order
-5% Off Your First Order
Each client can use a welcome bonus - 5% off your first purchase. Affordable care is real, so use your insulin discount and have medications delivered to your address!
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Affordable insulin is not a myth! Get a 7% discount for the first Ozempic order. Make sure your prescription is valid to enjoy this unique offer. Check out more special offers in the archive!
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Insulin Store is a perfect provider. They sell high-quality products at affordable prices, which is something all diabetics around the world need.
James Anderson
I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out about 5% discount for the first order on the website. It's a really cool welcoming bonus, and I bought Humalog even cheaper than I expected!
Harley Collins
I was looking for a place to find Ozempic because it's sold out everywhere, and have found it here! I'm really happy I managed to try Insulin.Store special offer because I rarely see such beneficial deals among my suppliers.
Mark Randall
This company provides me with everything I need: quality, good prices, safe shipping. These may seem like basic requirements, but you’ll be surprised how hard it is to find a reliable provider.
Emily Taylor
I've just placed my first order here, and delivery actually didn't take that long. Plus, I've tried 5% discount for the first order, which is a perfect way to save some money. Thank you!
Harvey Adams
Insulin Store is definitely a provider I’ve been looking for all this time. They restock regularly and always stay in touch in case there are any troubles. My sincere recommendation!
Sophia Smith
This company is very good. I know that I’m safe to order here and expect only the best products in my parcel.
David Brown
When I didn’t know there was an option to buy insulin abroad, I was frustrated. Insulin is quite expensive, and it affected my budget significantly. Thankfully, I have found this reliable supplier from Canada!
Matthew Davis
I signed up for the subscription a few months ago, and it was the best decision of my life! Now, insulin is delivered to me monthly without me worrying about stocking up on all the items. Truly magnificent experience.
Isabella Carter
Find yourself a supplier like Insulin Store, and you’ll have no worries at all! Thanks, guys!
William Johnson

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About us

Insulin Store – a subsidiary of the Canadian pharmaceutical company specializing in insulin products and analogs for more than 6 years. A new online pharmaceutical store was created especially for the U.S. market to offer people more affordable prices for diabetes mellitus medications. As calculations have shown, it is cheaper to buy drugs in Canada and deliver them to the USA than to stock up on medicines from US suppliers.

Please remember that you need a valid prescription for the drug you are going to purchase from your doctor at our store. You will not be able to confirm the order without the verification of this document. We, on the other hand, will not be able to ship your product out!

Order now and join thousands of our satisfied regular customers. To do that, leave the request or dial the number indicated on the website directly. Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions on how exactly we work. Our goal is to make insulin products available for those who need them in the USA. Choose Insulin Store – your reliable insulin provider!

255 Albert St, Ottawa, ON K1P 6A9, CANADA
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We are often asked

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a prescription to buy Canadian insulin?

    If you want to place an order and buy insulin from Canada on our website, you would need to attach a valid prescription for a particular medication from your doctor for your first order so that our managers will be able to verify it. When your prescription expires, you would need to upload a new valid prescription. Otherwise, we will not be able to ship your order.
  • Where are our insulin products shipped from?

    We are a Canadian pharmaceutical company that delivers insulin products to the USA. The products are shipped from our warehouses in Toronto, Canada.
  • How long does it take to deliver the order?

    Products that require to be stored in the refrigerator may take 3-7 business days to arrive. Do not worry, though, as we use special thermal containers and gel ice to maintain the required storage temperature, so your pharmaceuticals will arrive safe and ready to use. Products that do not need to be stored in the refrigerator may take 1-2 weeks to arrive at the destination. Please note that during holiday seasons and because of other unpredictable situations, there may be a slight delivery delay. After your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with the tracking number of your parcel to check its delivery progress.
  • What amount of medications can I order at once?

    Please note that you cannot order the number of medications that exceed the three months supply stated in your prescription.
  • Is it legal to buy insulin from Canada?

    The citizens of the United States of America can legally order insulin prescription medications for personal use from Canadian pharmaceutical companies without any restrictions. All you need is to have a valid prescription for your insulin medication, and will have a legal right to ship medications directly to your residential place in the USA. When ordering imported drugs from Canada, you can save up to 90% on your insulin treatment!
  • If I don't have diabetes but want to buy Ozempic for weight loss?

    You can buy Ozempic online if you have a prescription.
Frequently asked questions


Trust only proven and stable suppliers. Never buy insulin products from unofficial and unlicensed companies. It can be dangerous for your life and health.

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