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Is there any difference between a brand name medication and a generic medication?

Yes, there is a difference. Basically, a brand name medication is a remedy created by a specific manufacturer; it’s their “original work.”
Generic medications are analogs to the brand ones. They have similar compositions and additional ingredients, as well as the equivalent to the brand’s active substance. Thus, they provide the same therapeutic effect (however, the price is usually lower).

Why do medicines I get at my local pharmacy look different from what you’ve sent me?

If previously you’ve purchased brand name remedies and now ordered generic ones at our store, its overall appearance and packaging may vary. This is totally fine. So please, don’t worry.
Usually, generic products don’t look like brand ones; however, their basic properties and composition would be the same. Moreover, every country usually has its own design for a particular medication. So, our Canadian insulin products may look different from what you’ve used to buy in the USA.
Insulin from various manufacturers may also vary in its packaging.

Can I cancel my order once it has been submitted?

If you’re ordering your first fill, it is possible to cancel your order within the first 24 hours after confirming it. Just contact us and explain the situation to customer support.
If it is a refill order, it cannot be canceled once it has been already submitted. Please, notify us about changes you’d like to make in advance. Thank you for understanding!

Is it possible to order a medication not listed on the website?

If you would like to order a medication that is not listed on our website, contact our customer support (call or text) to consult. Maybe, we can talk to one of the pharmacies we are working with so that they will be able to provide you with the medicine you are looking for.

Can I be sure my privacy is protected?

Your privacy and satisfaction with our services are and always will be our top priority. We do not reveal personal, medical, or financial information of our clients to anyone except healthcare professionals that are in charge of filling your prescriptions.

Are you a pharmacy?

No, we are not a pharmacy. We are an online supplier of prescription and non-prescription medications for people with diabetes mellitus. Due to our cooperation with pharmacy care providers, we can offer our clients top services and a wide range of products to treat their health illnesses.

Can you ship multiple medicines in one order?

Yes, we can put various medications in one package. It is allowed and can be easily fulfilled as per your request.
However, we may split your order if some of the products you’ve ordered are out of stock. In this case, the rest of your order will be sent to you as soon as the medications become available again. We won’t split the order without your consent.

Can I use my insurance to buy insulin from your store?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your insurance to buy insulin and insulin-like medications on Insulin.Store. However, our team does everything possible to make the prices on our website the most affordable and beneficial for our customers, so you save your money every time you make purchases with our company.

Are returns possible in your store?

According to Canadian legislation, we are not allowed to accept the returns of any prescription medications.

What is your refund policy?

We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your shopping experience with Insulin.Store. That’s why we offer you a Future Credit or Products Replacement if you are not fully satisfied with the product for any of the valid reasons. Please just contact our team, and we will gladly help you out with any concerns that you may have.

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