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How to Order?
Purchase insulin and insulin-like products at Insulin.Store. Click here to learn more about details and rules on our website. Contact us in case of having any questions!
How to Order?
Purchase insulin and insulin-like products at Insulin.Store. Click here to learn more about details and rules on our website. Contact us in case of having any questions!
About the brand

Brand of insulin products Humalog from the LILLY France SAS pharmaceutical company comprises a wide range of varieties of diabetes medications based on the insulin lispro to control high blood sugar levels. On Insulin.Store you may find:

All these products you can buy on our website Insulin.Store at the best prices on the USA market. Please be aware that to place an order, you will have to provide a valid prescription for the medication from your doctor. Your order will be shipped out just after successful verification of your medical prescription.

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What type of Insulin is Humalog medication?

The active substance in Humalog is insulin lispro, which is potentially close to human insulin in molecular composition. 1 ml of solution contains 100 IU of insulin lispro (recombinant DNA), which is equivalent to 3.5 mg. The other excipients of Humalog include glycerin, meta cresol, zinc oxide, sodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate, hydrochloric acid solution 10%, sodium hydroxide solution 10%, water for injections.

Lispro insulin is characterized by a faster onset of action, an earlier onset of peak action, and a shorter period of glucose-lowering action compared to normal human insulin.

Is Humalog fast-acting insulin?

Insulin lispro, the active substance in Humalog, is a fast-acting type. Its action starts approximately 15 minutes after the administration. It is explained by the speed of its absorption. The rate of absorption of lispro insulin and, consequently, the onset and duration of action may vary from patient to patient depending on the injection site and other causes.

Faster onset of action and shorter duration of action compared to normal human insulins have been observed in patients with both renal and hepatic insufficiency.

How quickly does Humalog lower blood sugar?

The onset of action of insulin lispro is observed 15 minutes after subcutaneous administration; the maximum effect develops in 30-70 minutes; duration of action – 2-5 hours.

What are the possible side effects of Humalog insulin lispro injection?

Clinical trial data. The side effects usually associated with insulin administration include the following:

From the immune system – allergic reaction.

From the skin and skin derivatives – local allergic reaction at the injection site, lipodystrophy, itching, rash.

Others – hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Hypoglycemia is the most common among serious side effects of insulin therapy in patients with diabetes. Significant hypoglycemia can lead to loss of consciousness and, in extreme cases, death. The first symptoms of low blood glucose level are characterized by a feeling of hunger, paleness, weakness, drowsiness, sweating, tremor, tachycardia, dizziness, low potassium, vomiting, neurological disorders. Subsequently, hypoglycemic coma may develop with loss of consciousness, convulsions, and severe cardiac depression. At the first sign of a hypoglycemic condition, the patient should drink sweet tea or eat a few pieces of sugar. In case of hypoglycemic coma, 40% glucose solution should be injected into a vein. Correction of acute hypoglycemia can be performed by administering glucagon. Severe hypoglycaemia may result in loss of consciousness and, in exceptional cases, death.

Patients may experience local side effects reactions in the form of redness, swelling or itching at the injection site. These reactions usually disappear within a few days or weeks. In some cases, these reactions may be due to causes not directly related to insulin, such as skin irritation with a disinfectant or improper delivery technique. Systemic allergic symptoms occur much less frequently, but are potentially more serious. Generalized allergic reactions to insulin can cause itching all over the body, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, or sweating. Severe cases can be life-threatening.

Find out more helpful information about the Humalog sliding scale for better blood sugar control.

Do you need a prescription for Humalog?

For the purchase of most insulins medications, including Humalog, you will need a prescription from the doctor. Insulin.Store also requires our customers to provide a valid prescription for the drug before we confirm your order. You will also need to provide a prescription when buying Humalog or any other insulin product for your pet.

You will need to upload your prescription just once when registering on our website Insulin.Store for the first time. We will keep the verified copy of your prescription in our database. Once your prescription is expired, you will be asked to provide a new document.

How much does a box of Humalog cost?

The prices for insulin medications from LILLY France SAS depend on the form of release and preparation capacity. These are the prices for Humalog on our website Insulin. Store:

The prices may differ. Please check it out on our website or call our sales managers team.

Can you buy Humalog Insulin over the counter?

Products like Humalog should be sold exclusively to patients who have prescriptions from the doctor. Do not purchase Humalog or any other alike medication on websites or stores that do not ask you to provide a prescription. Be careful when choosing a supplier. Otherwise, you either risk getting caught by scammers and lose your money or getting a fake low-quality product. Remember, it may be harmful to your health and life.

Insulin.Store is a reliable and trustworthy Canadian company with 6 years of experience on the market. Your health and satisfaction are our primary priorities.


Trust only proven and stable suppliers. Never buy insulin products from unofficial and unlicensed companies. It can be dangerous for your life and health.

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