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This instruction was created for informational purposes, it cannot be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Basic Properties

Active substance:  Insulin Isophane

Novolin GE NPH for controlling blood sugar levels in people with diabetes type 2 and 1 is a mix of 50% Regular insulin and 50% NPH insulin suspension. Selected ingredients in this remedy are very close to the human insulin produced naturally in the body; that is why it can regulate blood glucose as well.

Novolin NPH is a combination of short- and intermediate-acting insulin, which means it needs some time to start working and keep its effect 24 hours after injection.

Before the drug administration, check the vial carefully. It should not have any damages, the plastic cap on top has to be untouched, and the solution inside should be colorless (or almost colorless) and without any premises.

Instructions for Use

Patients should apply Novolin NPH every day before the meal. The insulin dose is a subcutaneous injectable (under the skin). Do not administer it in the vein or muscle!

The same syringe with medication cannot be used for two different people, even if you decided to change the needles. Make sure you always have vials to spare at home; sometimes, you may need a bigger dose.


People with these medical conditions cannot use Novolin because it may affect them and cause health troubles:

  • Allergic reaction to any ingredient of the remedy;
  • A close episode of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Consult with your health care provider to know what analogs you may use instead of insulin.

Dosing and Administration

As Novolin is a prescription medicine, only the doctor may define the dose and frequency of the injection needed to control a blood sugar level. Moreover, the doctor should also recalculate the dosage in case the person had changes in insulin requirements, the medications they take along with insulin, diet, or exercise routine, sudden weight loss or gain, etc.

Injection sites the remedy may be applied to include abdomen, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks. It is recommended to change the area after every because injection lumps and bumps under the skin may occur. Do not massage a treated zone right after you inject the remedy.

During the low blood sugar episodes, people with diabetes should have a quick source of sugar nearby. Hypoglycemia may be prevented with the help of any sugary product, including sweet drinks and snacks, and glucose pills. If these methods were not helpful, call your doctor because you may require a glucagon shot.

Side Effects

After using Novolin insulin NPH, patients may experience several slight side effects:

  • Injection site reactions (allergies, rash, redness, slight swelling);
  • Itching after the injection;
  • Noticeable skin changes;
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level).

Sometimes, severe symptoms are possible in those with diabetes: loss of consciousness, blurred vision, sudden pallor, trouble breathing, etc. If you’ve noticed any of them, it is especially important to contact your health care provider right away to get medical help.

Storage and Handling Conditions

Keep unopened vials of NPH insulin in the refrigerator (temperature – from 2 to 10 ° C). Do not freeze it or store it near the freezer compartment. If the vial was accidentally frozen – throw it away and do not use it!

Vials that are about to be used or are currently in use have to be stored at room temperature not higher than 25 ° C for not more than 4 weeks. They should be protected from the direct sunlight in the dark, dry place.

Do not administer the remedy after the expiration date indicated on the box.

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Please remember that you need a valid prescription from your doctor to complete the order. Stay safe!

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