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Basic Properties

Novorapid is a medication for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with insulin aspart as the main active substance to help control and reduce high blood sugar levels. Aspart is a short- and fast-acting (mealtime) insulin analog produced by recombinant DNA biotechnology using the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain.

It begins to act faster and simultaneously reduces blood sugar levels more strongly in the first 4 hours after a meal than soluble human insulin.

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Adults, adolescents, and children with diabetes mellitus over 1-year-old.

Dosage and Application

The dose of NovoRapid PenFill is determined by the doctor individually, in accordance with the patient’s needs. Usually, the drug is used in combination with medium- or long-acting insulin preparations, which are administered at least once a day.

In addition, the medication can be used for long-term subcutaneous infusions (PSII) in pumps or administered intravenously by medical personnel. To achieve optimal glycemic control, it is recommended that you regularly measure your blood glucose concentration and adjust your dose.

Typically, the individual daily need for insulin in adults and children is from 0.5 to 1 U/kg.

Injection therapy. In the basal-bolus regimen of therapy, the need for insulin can be provided by NovoRapid by 50–70%. The remaining need (30–50%)is provided by insulin of medium or long duration.

Long-term subcutaneous infusions. NovoRapid PenFill can be used only as monotherapy. In this case, it will meet the need for both bolus insulin (50–70%) and basal (30–50%). An increase in the patient’s physical activity, a change in the habitual diet, or concomitant diseases may lead to the need for dose adjustment.

Consult with the doctor if you are switching from another insulin.

Mode of application

NovoRapid FlexPen is a fast-acting insulin analog.

The remedy is injected subcutaneously into the anterior abdominal wall, thigh, shoulder, deltoid, or gluteal region. Remember to switch the injection sites within the same region to reduce the risk of getting lipodystrophy. As with all insulin preparations, subcutaneous injection into the anterior abdominal wall provides faster absorption compared to administration to other areas.

Side Effects

Adverse reactions observed in people using NovoRapid PenFill are mainly due to the pharmacological effect of insulin.

The most common side effect reported during treatment is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The incidence of hypoglycemia varies depending on the patient population, dosing regimen, and glycemic control.

At the initial stage of therapy, refractive errors, edema, and injection site reactions may include pain, redness, urticaria, inflammation, hematoma, swelling due to fluid retention, and itching at the injection site and may occur with insulin therapy. These symptoms are usually transient.

From the immune system: uncommon – urticaria, skin rash, skin rashes;

From the side of metabolism and nutrition: very common – hypoglycemia;

From the nervous system: rarely, peripheral neuropathy (acute painful neuropathy);

On the part of the organ of vision: uncommon – impaired refraction;

On the part of the skin and subcutaneous tissues: uncommon – lipodystrophy;

General disorders and disorders at the injection site: uncommon – reactions at the injection sites, edema.

At the beginning of the therapy, the drug may cause uncontrolled weight gain.

Warnings and Precautions

The medication is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • allergy to insulin aspart or other ingredients of the drug;
  • hypoglycemia;
  • hepatic impairment;
  • patients with renal impairment;
  • use with caution in patients with a history of signs and symptoms of heart failure.
  • use with caution in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

To avoid any complications or undesired body reactions, please consult with your health care provider, strictly follow the instructions for use, and closely monitor your blood sugar levels.

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