How Much Can You Save When Ordering Drugs From Canada?

Canada DrugsMillions of Americans are dependent on prescription medication.
Just almost 8 million people are insulin-dependent and have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus, meaning they need a daily injection of insulin to survive. Unfortunately, many American citizens complain the prices for many prescription medications get too unaffordable.
Instead of saving money for the children’s future college, vacations, or buying a new house, people get into debts to pay for their healthcare bills.

To make ends meet, many Americans found a way out in buying their medicine from neighboring Canada, where the prices for generic drugs are times lower than in the United States.

Are prescription drugs from Canada cheaper?

The truth is that Canadian pharmacies indeed offer much more affordable and reasonable prices for different kinds of medications, including insulin and other kinds of prescription drugs, compared to the US. That is why in recent years, Canadian pharmacies have noticed a great tendency of Americans traveling to Canada with the purpose of stocking up with medications.

The cost of drugs in the US continues to grow constantly due to the absence of any regulative organ or law that would be able to control the medication market in the country. Unlike the neighbor, Canadian Patented Medicine Prices Review Board strictly monitors the prices for prescription medications and establishes the highest price for every prescription drug the local pharmacies are not allowed to exceed.

That is how Canada is able to provide its citizens with affordable drugs prices, attracting more and more interest of patients from other countries looking for more beneficial prices for medications and treatments.

How do the US drug prices compare to the prices for drugs in Canada?

In recent years, the American market has experienced a huge leap in prices for medications. Receiving enormous bills for healthcare and prescription drugs, millions of Americans have got 2 choices: rationing their drugs or looking for another place to buy medications. The first variant isn’t the best option since such diseases like diabetes require constant care, and insufficient treatment may lead to serious complications and even death. Unfortunately, there were registered fatal cases when people couldn’t afford their prescription drug. Many blame the US government for such negligence of their citizens and national health.

Those who did not want such an end for themselves and their close ones started to check out the international pharmacies looking for affordable prescription drugs. Canada turned out to be the closest foreign country with reasonable and affordable prices for medications.

When we say that in Canada drugs are cheaper, many people even cannot imagine the drastic difference in cost, especially for the branded names. When we talk about insulin medications, the difference between the same brands sold in American and Canada can differ in 80-90 percent. Thus, the price for fast-acting insulin Novolog of $300 per vial costs just around $30 for the vial of its analog NovoRapid in Canada. The 10-times difference sometimes is life-saving and forces thousands of Americans to travel to British Columbia or other nearby states of Canada or order insulin and other prescription medications from online pharmacies.

Why are the prices for the Canada drugs lower in price than American?

According to the policy in Canada, drugs prices are strictly regulated by the Canadian Patented Medicine Prices Review Board that establishes and fixates the prices for all medications, and any Canadian pharmacy cannot break and put its own price.

In the United States, the pharmaceutical market is more “free” and flexible in terms of pricing policy, and every drug manufacturer and pharmacy can offer their own prices. That is why it is not weird the prices for many drugs have doubled in the last 3-4 years, leaving many Americans desperate in their need for prescription drugs, spending all their budget and savings on drugs.

The government of Donald Trump has promised to regulate the question of prices for medicine, but at the moment, it is still open for debate.

Are insulin medications cheaper in Canada?

Like many other drugs, insulin is way more affordable in Canada than in America. The thing is that even medicine manufactured in the USA is still sold at lower prices in Canada than in the USA. Although it may sound ridiculous, these are still the realities for many Americans who prefer to buy drugs in Canada and not at some local pharmacy.

Thus, with an approximate price of $200-300 per vial, the insulin treatment may cost thousands of dollars. Offering 60-90% lower prices for insulin treatment, buying diabetes drugs from Canada helps Americans preserve their savings and still provide efficient diabetes treatment for themselves or their close ones.
Just have a look at the price comparison chart, find your prescription insulin, and see how much you can save with every order.


Product Name US Price Canadian Price Savings Buy Now
Apidra Solostar Pens 100 Units/ml $145 $115 -21% Buy now
Apidra Vial 100 Units/ml $340 $62 -82% Buy now
Basaglar Cartridge 100iu/ml $165 $153 -7% Buy now
Basaglar Kwikpen 100iu/ml $430 $153 -64% Buy now
Bydureon Pen 4packs 2mg/dose $900 $310 -66% Buy now
Byetta Pen 10mcg 2,4ml $870 $265 -69% Buy now
Byetta Pen 5mcg 1,2ml $870 $265 -69% Buy now
Fiasp Cartridge  100iu/ml $276 $121 -56% Buy now
Fiasp FlexTouch 100iu/ml $570 $126 -78% Buy now
Fiasp Vial 10 ml 100iu/ml $305 $60 -80% Buy now
Humalog Cartridges 5 x 3 ml $600 $128 -79% Buy now
Humalog Kwikpen 100 units 5 X 3 ml $605 $115 -81% Buy now
Humalog Kwikpen 200 units $450 $168 -63% Buy now
Humalog Mix 25 KwikPens 5 x 3 ml $590 $129 -78% Buy now
Humalog Mix 50 Cartridges 5 X 3 ml $605 $127 -79% Buy now
Humalog Mix 50 KwikPens 5 x 3 ml $605 $127 -79% Buy now
Humalog Mix 75/25 Cartridge 100 Units/ml $607 $129 -79% Buy now
Humalog Vial 10 ml $215 $107 -50% Buy now
Humulin 30/70 Vial $200 $77 -61% Buy now
Humulin N KwikPens U-100 $520 $107 -79% Buy now
Humulin N Vial 100 U/ml 10 ml $197 $77 -61% Buy now
Humulin R Vial 100 U/ml 10 ml $197 $77 -61% Buy now
Lantus Cartridges 5x3ml 100iu/ml $202 $187 -7% Buy now
Lantus Solostar Pens 5 x 3 ml $602 $187 -69% Buy now
Lantus Vial 10ml $300 $141 -53% Buy now
Levemir FlexTouch PensВ 100 Unit/ml $610 $211 -65% Buy now
NovoRapid (Novolog) FlexTouch Pens 5 x 3 ml $593 $137 -77% Buy now
NovoRapid (Novolog) PenFill Cartridges 5 x 3 ml $580 $132 -77% Buy now
NovoRapid (Novolog) Vial 10 ml $312 $81 -74% Buy now
Saxenda Prefilled Injection Pens 6mg/ml 5x3ml $980 $545 -44% Buy now
Trulicity Pens 1,5mg/0,5ml $900 $307 -66% Buy now
Victoza Pens 0,6mg/ml $850 $262 -69% Buy now

As you see, numbers speak for themselves, and Canadian medications are indeed times lower in price than the US. When choosing to order insulin or any other prescription medicine from Canada, you can manage your budget without the necessity to count every dollar and spend enormous amounts of money for the drugs that actually cost much cheaper.

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