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How Long Does Saxenda Stay in your System

How Long Does Saxenda Stay in Your System?

by Everly Allen 8 Jul 2024

Weight management is a vital point for individuals with diabetes. Unfortunately, they don’t have as many options for weight loss methods as people who don’t have to always be aware of their blood sugar and can experiment with various diets and exercise programs. Diabetics must be cautious and lose weight carefully, as they cannot experiment with their nutrition or skip meals hoping to get rid of the extra kilo or two. However, there are medications that can both help with glucose control and assist in one’s weight loss journey efficiently. We are talking about such products as Saxenda injections – an excellent brand widely used around the world to shape the figure and sculpt the body. However, how long does the solution stay in your system? How often should you repeat the treatment? We are here to provide you with all the answers!

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What Should You Know About Saxenda for Weight Loss?

Saxenda is an excellent subcutaneous injection mainly used for weight loss treatment, as well as blood sugar management in patients with diabetes. It belongs to GLP-1 receptor agonist medications with Semaglutide as its main active ingredient, which is well-known for its ability to regulate one’s appetite. Together with a specialist, patients should come up with a treatment plan and think through all the details of the supporting therapy: regular exercise program, nutrition, reduced-calorie diet, and other essentials. Saxenda is a daily injection, and it’s important to follow a proper dosing schedule for the results to turn out as expected.Saxenda Prefilled Syringe 6mgml 5x3ml

How Long Does Saxenda Stay in Your System?

According to the clinical trials, Saxenda stays in the body for 24 hours after the initial injection. The medication is metabolized by the liver, and it takes approximately 13 hours to reduce the amount of solution in half in the body.

This factor depends greatly on many aspects, including a patient’s initial weight, the Saxenda dose used for the treatment, body peculiarities, and other essentials. It’s important to remember that losing weight may take some time, especially if you use a medication like Saxenda. You should wait till you reach the highest dose, which is 3mg, and take the product for some time to let the results settle. Still, you can expect excellent diabetes support and perfect compatibility with other medications if needed.

Please keep in mind that you cannot stop taking Saxenda abruptly. You should reduce the dose gradually until you reach the starting dose and then stop the intake altogether.

The Bottom Line: Use Saxenda to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Saxenda injection is an effective way to control one’s weight without risking the condition caused by diabetes. After the solution is administered, it stays in a system for about 24 hours, and that’s why Saxenda injections must be applied as daily injections. The dosing must be discussed with a doctor according to one’s needs and health situation, but if planned correctly, Saxenda may demonstrate an excellent weight loss effect. Hopefully, we’ve covered all your questions in this article.



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