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Basic Properties

Insulin Novolin GE 30/70 is a remedy with isophane, a medium-acting insulin, identical to human insulin to control high blood sugar in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The medicine contains a unique mixture of regular human insulin (30% of the solution) and 70% NPH insulin (70%).

An important information is that the drug should be kept at room temperature and not refregerated.


Novolin GE 30/70 with acting insulin isophane is indicated to the patients in the following cases:

  • type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent);
  • type 2 diabetes mellitus (non-insulin-dependent).


One package of Novolin GE 30/70 is in the disposable prefilled syringe. The insulin dose and dosage regime are determined individually for every patient depending on his/her glucose blood concentration. The patient should take regular insulin injections with Novolin subcutaneously 1-2 times per day 35-45 minutes before the meal. It is recommended the switch the injection sites (abdomen, thighs, upper arm) regularly.

The patient should constantly monitor the blood sugar level to avoid hypoglycemia. Also, changes in body weight, diet, lifestyle, pregnancy, and breastfeeding are indications when the patient should apply to the doctor to adjust and change the dose of insulin in accordance with the body’s needs.

Side Effects

One of the most serious possible side effects is the development of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level). A violation of the dosage regime, dietary regime, intensive physical activity may affect the concentration glucose in the blood. In more severe cases, precomatose and coma may occur.

Allergic reactions and local irritations at the injection site (redness, itching) are also possible. In case of serious allergic reaction, immediately apply to the healthcare provider to get medical help.

The patient should monitor any responses of the organism to the Novolin GE 30/70 injections. In case of severe side effects or their long manifestations, the patient should immediately inform the doctor and, if needed, get medical help.

The patients of the history of symptoms of heart failure should be especially careful when taking the medication. Changes in the blood sugar concentration may cause fast heartbeat.


  • Hypoglycemia;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation.

It is possible to use Novolin during pregnancy and breastfeeding period, but it is very likely that the dosage adjustment will be required.

In the cases of violations of liver and/or kidney function, it is also allowed to use the insulin isophane remedies, but the treatment may require dosage correction.

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