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Novolog Sliding Scale

by Owen Clarke 29 Apr 2022

Diabetes mellitus – an issue that always requires timely medical help and cannot be ignored for one’s health preservation. Because of this reason, many medication options are available in this sphere for excellent blood sugar control and better well-being of an individual in general. It is crucial to be aware of all available remedies variants, their working principle, and other critical factors for better glycemic control. Some people prefer talking to a doctor if they have any questions about the treatment or a prescription drug; others choose to look up all needed information online to save their time. And the Insulin.Store team is here to help our readers learn more about this crucial topic on our blog; today, we are going to discuss the Novolog sliding scale and its effect during insulin therapy.

Primary Properties of Novolog for Blood Glucose Lowering Effect

Novolog is a medication created for blood glucose control in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus in both adults and pediatric patients. It belongs to the kind of rapid-acting insulin, which means an insulin dosage is required approximately two times per day (typically, before breakfast and dinner).

Note: It is crucial to perform blood glucose monitoring regularly, especially at the beginning of the patient’s insulin regimen. In this way, certain warning signs can be noticed at their early stages, and the Novolin dose can be either readjusted or replaced with a more effective medication option. 

Novolin for blood glucose levels control should be administered 20 minutes before the meal, as it starts acting approximately 10 minutes after the injection. The effect after these repeated insulin injections lasts for up to 5 hours; because of the short-term durability, this remedy is typically prescribed together with long-acting or intermediate-acting insulin for more efficient blood sugar control. Of course, people have to remember that the correct dose can be adjusted only by a doctor after a careful medical examination; a specialist should also be warned about any important changes in an individual’s routine, namely changes in prescription medications (vitamins, oral contraceptives, etc.), sudden weight loss or gain, unknown health conditions, and so on. If the recommended amount of Novolog is not corrected, it can become less helpful, and, as a result, a person can experience various health complications.

Novolog Sliding Scale Chart

In order to define the right dose of Novolog, it is crucial to track blood sugar levels regularly. To do so, it is possible to use a glucometer at home and check the correct insulin dose on a special insulin sliding scale (typically, each insulin type has its own measurement, whether it is a Humalog sliding scale chart or the one created for Novolog). There are a few variations of these tables, and we have picked the most popular one and placed it below.

Novolog sliding scale chart

In case you doubt which chart is the most correct, it is always possible to discuss it with a doctor. In this sphere, it is better to ask numerous questions and make sure you do everything correctly than constantly feel worried for no significant reason. However, there are a few things we would like to remind:

  • Only qualified medical professionals can prescribe, readjust, or cancel the medication; patients are not allowed to do so on their own;
  • Eating less food is not a solution to lower blood sugar levels; it can affect glycemic control negatively;
  • The dosage can vary based on the current blood glucose level, so it is crucial always to check out a Novolin (Humalog, Novolog) dose sliding scale;
  • You should buy insulin only from a reliable supplier or in your local pharmacy directly. If anyone agrees to sell you this prescription medication without a valid prescription from a doctor, the chances are they are scammers.

The Final Word About the Remedy

When it comes to blood sugar control in people with diabetes mellitus, Novolin is undoubtedly among the most popular options. It is short-acting insulin able to bring one’s glucose levels back to normal quickly and effectively; however, it cannot be used alone and is typically prescribed in combination with intermediate-acting or long-acting medications for better results. In order to make sure a correct dose of Novolin is administered, it is essential to check its sliding scale and inject the recommended amount of the remedy for one’s health preservation. And once again, we would like to remind you something: if you have any questions or is unsure about anything in the treatment – get in touch with a doctor to discuss everything. That’s it for today; hopefully, now you understand everything better. Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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