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Owen Clarke

Name: Owen Clarke
Position: Pharmacist
Education: Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada

I have started my career path 5 years ago. I remember being a child,I knew I would work in the medical field. Then, when I grew up I had a strong interest in how medications influence people, how they help them. When I entered the university, my primary aim was to get a degree and start working. During my final year of study, I began to work as a part-time assistant pharmacist in one of the local pharmacies. At that time I found that I really enjoy this kind of job, especially when it relates to helping others with their needs. I really like that there are no two days the same. My full-time position as a pharmacist began at the hospital where my main task was to prepare medications according to the list formulated by the doctors. When I got more experience and expertise I started to formulate a custom list of different medications that can save somebody’s life, especially when it comes to diseases like diabetes, thyroid disease, and many others.
Another part of my job is to consult patients with complications, handling complaints. In general, my position requires not only getting medications to patients, but I also attend a lot of meeting with the team, where we share our ideas and opinions, I, sometimes, communicate questions and concerns that people have. My desire to grow, develop, and constantly work on myself has helped me to climb the career ladder and achieve significant results.

Even now after many years working with people, I really enjoy what I do. In my opinion, it’s really important. The field of pharmacy is continually developing and evolving which shows me a lot of new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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