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Everly Allen


Name: Everly Allen
Position: Student Intern
Education: Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Canada

I was born and raised in Toronto. Apparently, like many of my colleagues, I have been interested in medicine since childhood. Although as a teenager I had an idea of getting to other professions related to Math because I have a flair for this science. But I decided to study medicine because I consider this science extremely necessary and useful. And my skills in Math are also needed. I study pharmacology and want to become a pharmacist in the clinic in the future.

In my opinion, medicine will allow me to realize myself primarily as a person and a professional in this field. I believe that many people choose the medical profession based on material benefits, but for myself, I decided to put the goal of success as a professional who can positively affect the lives and health of people, even if it affects my finances. I can’t say that learning is given easily, but I can say with confidence that I like it and I know that it will be difficult but I am ready to work hard to achieve the desired result. My intellectual maturity will allow me to pass all the tests and successfully complete my studies

My research focus is obviously pharmacology. I tend to know how to ease the life of people who suffer from diabetes. I study in detail whether people have genetic factors that contribute to the development of this disease and whether it is possible to detect it in preclinical tests.

I’m also fully aware of the importance of my research effect in providing a medical evidence base, and that the need for research and training accompanies every specialist throughout his life.

It all sounds pretty serious and maybe even scary, but I’m happy about it because I’ll have a chance to make this world a better place, to help people. I have already decided on my career and in my opinion, it will enrich me as a person and open a lot of new knowledge and opportunities for me.

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