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What is diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

by Lily Fortin 26 Oct 2021

Diabetes mellitus – a health issue that affects the lives of many people worldwide; this condition is not only dangerous and can cause various health complications, but also becomes more and more typical due to the weak immune system, a tendency to get sick easier, as well as bad environment.

Due to the fact this disease spreads all over the world, we decided that it will be useful to tell more about diabetes, its causes, and various other aspects that may be useful to others. This article was prepared by a team of professionals from Insulin.Store to educate our customers and online users on the Internet. Hopefully, you will find valuable and interesting information about diabetes mellitus here!

Diabetes mellitus – a reason of blood sugar level control trouble

Diabetes mellitus - a reason of blood sugar level control trouble

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to take up blood glucose (received from the food and drinks a person consumes) into the cells; this process is needed in order to convert this glucose into energy later when one requires it. As a result, glucose stays in the bloodstream and builds up an extra amount of sugar; as follows, a person may experience all negative symptoms caused by diabetes – high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney failure, vision problems, and so on.

Unfortunately, the treatment that can cure diabetes completely doesn’t exist. However, there are plenty of medications that provide outstanding effects and may help patients to live a full, wonderful life. A doctor’s control is also required in order to recalculate or prescribe a new medicine if the old one stops working or is not as helpful as it was before. The medicine sphere in the twenty-first century is developing very fast, so everyone has a chance of better well-being.

3 types of diabetes. Difference and main features

There are three types of diabetes that may occur in people of different genders and ages – type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Every type has its own characteristics, causes, and the following health complications, so it is important to understand that and have the correct treatment and medications. Now, let’s discuss every type in more detail for overall awareness.

Type 1 diabetes

This type is also well known as insulin-dependent diabetes; all because it usually starts in childhood, and a person requires taking insulin during the whole life to prevent severe health complications and better blood sugar control. This autoimmune condition usually affects the pancreas and its ability to produce insulin properly. This health condition may be inherited, as well as caused by the damaged insulin-producing cells. For proper disease control, a person should have insulin administered their whole life.

Type 2 diabetes

The second type of insulin is known as a non-insulin-dependent one because it is not inherited. Earlier, it was only typical for adults, but for the past 20 years, more and more children and teens get it because of obesity. Yeah, a healthy lifestyle is not something too popular now.

With type 2 diabetes, the pancreas is usually able to create some amount of insulin. However, it is not enough to control high blood glucose, or the body itself doesn’t respond to the insulin well. Type 2 diabetes symptoms are usually not as harsh and dangerous as type 1, but it can still affect one’s health majorly. Special diabetes medications are required to control sugar levels; with the help of those, enough insulin stays in the body, and a person can avoid cardiovascular disease, extreme obesity, low blood sugar levels, and various other unfortunate conditions.

Gestational diabetes

Typically, gestational diabetes occurs in women during pregnancy (often in the middle or closer to the end). As blood sugar is transferred through the placenta to the baby, it is crucial to have proper blood glucose levels control to protect a baby during its journey. This health issue is usually gone after a woman gives birth; however, it is important to be careful and keep up with a healthy diet and lifestyle overall because women tend to get type 2 diabetes months and even years after gestational type disappeared. It is also vital to take care of a baby and check its health regularly because after a mom has diabetes, several problems may occur in a child.

What causes diabetes in people?

As it was already mentioned, diabetes affects one’s health because of various reasons; moreover, every type is caused by different factors. For example, for the first type of diabetes, it is a weak immune system that kills naturally-produced insulin cells in the body.

Type 2 diabetes risk factors, on the other hand, include lifestyle aspects mostly – overweight, obesity, physical inactivity, and so on. As a result, heart conditions and blood vessel disease may become worse in a person. Genetics may also be a reason, but it happens more rarely for such a category of people.

The gestational type occurs because of the changes in a woman’s hormones; in this case, diabetes management is required to keep a baby safe and healthy. And, of course, genetic and lifestyle factors matter here as well!

The bottom line

Diabetes mellitus is an issue that occurs more and more in people. Even if a person doesn’t have it, they know at least one person who lives with this condition. Different types appear due to various reasons – from an unhealthy lifestyle to unfortunate genetics. That’s why special treatment is required for every type individually. We would like to remind our readers about the importance of your own health. Take proper care of yourself and make your health and priority. Stay safe!

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