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Name: Lily Fortin
Position: Student
Education: Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Canada

My hometown is Vancouver. I was born and raised here. Also, I’m in love with this city and never wanted to leave it for good. I love medicine as much as I love my city. I have been fascinated by the work of doctors since childhood, and I can say with confidence that I started my career at the same time. Because my parents are also doctors. It helped with the choice of profession of the future and I did not have to think long. I chose the University of British Columbia because I think it really gives a piece of great knowledge and amazing possibilities for career development.

I was always curious to learn about different diseases. My particular interest is diabetes and how it influences people. I am also studying the effects of diabetes on the immune system. My special interest is in the knowledge of the use and effectiveness of insulin. Trends in this area. I’m also interested in how to protect the body’s cells from the effects of diabetes. Because for example, the excess glucose in the intestinal lining, can lead to the formation of intestinal infections.

I was also honored to take part in various hospital projects. Where an important component was not only knowledge of medical terms but how to behave with people, patients, how to give them different information. I was part of a team that was directly involved in the work of the hospital. It was very exciting, I met new friends, learned a lot. And of course, I gained invaluable experience of my first job in such an institution, which gave me the opportunity to better understand all the specifics of this profession. It just inspired me to new accomplishments.

I like that the medical field is filled with a lot of interesting and intelligent people. In them, you can learn many subtleties and details of work. I believe that my persistence and thirst for knowledge will make me an excellent professional in my field. Of course, this requires considerable effort and patience, but I’m ready.

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