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Sliding Scale for Insulin

Humalog Sliding Scale

by Everly Allen 23 Feb 2022

Humalog is an injectable medication that belongs to the fast-acting type of insulins used to manage blood sugar levels in a person. It is a branded version of the worldwide famous insulin lispro wildly used by those in need of an effective solution for blood glucose levels regulation.

The injectable drug is suitable for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and is typically prescribed in combination with long-acting insulin for a better effect. It starts working approximately 15-30 minutes after the administration and stays active for two-fours hours in the body.

When And How Blood Sugar Levels Should Be Checked?

As irregulated blood sugar levels may greatly affect one’s health condition, it is vital to regularly check it to see the general dynamic. Specialists recommend doing it in the morning (before drinking or eating), before a meal and two hours after it, and at bedtime. In case a person tends to have frequent low blood sugar episodes, a specialist may say to check sugar levels more often (for example, after physical activities). It is also crucial to buy Canadian insulin and always have it nearby in case of sudden hyperglucemia episode.

A blood sugar level can be examined by using a blood sugar meter (also known as a glucometer) or a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). For the first one, a small blood sample from a fingertip is needed; the second one is inserted under the skin to measure sugar levels every few minutes. In order to get more accurate results, doctors recommend using blood sugar meters for individuals with CGM to see whether it works correctly.

Humalog Sliding Scale Insulin Coverage

As Humalog is a short-acting insulin that is typically prescribed to be taken before mealtime, it is important to track sugar levels with the help of a special Humalog sliding scale chart. With its use, it is possible to identify how many units of insulin are needed to get glucose back to normal and guarantee a positive result at the end.

Our article Humalog vs. Novolog will help you learn the difference between these two drugs and choose which one is better for you.

You may see the example of the insulin sliding scale below:

Blood Sugar Result Humalog Insulin Coverage SubQ
60-124 No Coverage
125-150 2 units of Humalog Insulin
151-200 4 units of Humalog Insulin
201-250 6 units of Humalog Insulin
251-300 8 units of Humalog Insulin
301-350 10 units of Humalog Insulin
351-400 12 units of Humalog Insulin

Measuring blood sugar is vital because an insulin dose cannot be injected during the low blood sugar episode (in other words, hypoglycemia). There are a few recommendations provided by medical experts on how not to experience extremely low or high blood sugar levels:

  • When managing blood sugar levels that are too high, you should never consume less food for it to become lower naturally. This method is ineffective and may lead to dangerous conditions in a person. Taking prescribed Humalog (or any other insulin type recommended by a specialist) is the best option;
  • Always take insulin medications on time according to a specialist’s prescription. Only they can tell you how much insulin is needed, what is the right frequency, and when the dosage should be recalculated;
  • The dose in insulin treatment can change based on the current glucose level. Check out the insulin sliding scale to make sure you are taking the proper amount of the diabetes mellitus drug;
  • Insulin cannot be administered during low blood sugar episodes. In order to get blood sugar levels back to normal, you may try consuming sugary snacks, sweet beverages, or glucose pills (those can be purchased over-the-counter at any local pharmacy).

Don’t hesitate to talk to a specialist if you are unsure how much insulin you need to feel better. Self-treatments may be dangerous, so don’t try changing the dose on your own.

The Final Word

The sliding scale method of insulin regulation is a comfortable way to find insulin dosage for the best blood sugar control. There are various tables that can be helpful in defining how many units of the medication should be administered; however, we would recommend talking to a specialist to find the right one for your condition and prescribed insulin type. You can also find Novolog sliding scale chart on our website. Please remember that self-treatments can be dangerous for your health, so a doctor’s assistance is always essential. That’s it for today; thank you for reading, and stay safe!

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