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Byetta & Weight Loss: What’s the Relation?

by Owen Clarke 5 May 2023

Byetta is a brand-name medication that helps to regulate blood glucose levels in patients living with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The safety, quality, and effectiveness of the product have brought it substantial popularity among healthcare providers and their patients worldwide.

But what is the relation between Byetta injections & weight loss? Let us find an answer to this question by going through the drug information contained herein!

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What Is Byetta?

Above anything else, let us go through the general information on Byetta. How about checking out its definition, indications, contraindications, working principle, side effects, and cost right away?

Byetta is a prescription-based medication. Therefore, it should be prescribed exclusively by a licensed healthcare professional. The same applies to the correct Byetta’s dosage, – it should be defined by a doctor.


Byetta (generic name: exenatide) is a brand of type 2 diabetes drugs. In other words, it is an effective method of blood sugar management in patients living with chronically high blood glucose levels.

It is also essential to mention that Byetta is not a type of insulin. Otherwise, it is the first GLP-1 antagonist that received the approval of FDA.

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Byetta belongs to the class of GLP-1 antagonists. Other brands belonging to this class are Trulicity, Bydureon, Ozempic, Victoza, Saxenda, Adlyxin, and many more.


The main indication for Byetta treatment is diabetes mellitus (type 2). According to the recent clinical trials, it is an exceptionally effective way to keep insulin levels within a normal range.

Under normal circumstances, Byetta (exenatide) is indicated as an adjunct to a special diet and exercise program. Its active drug ingredient might also be effective in combination with other diabetes drugs (they should be defined by a doctor).

Byetta is not indicated for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus or children. This health condition has to be managed by other medications, usually based on insulin.


Only certified health providers (for instance, an endocrinologist, a diabetologist, or any other doctor) determine whether it is safe to use a Byetta injection pen in each individual case.

However, there exist several general contraindications to Byetta drug therapy. They include:

  • Thyroid cancer and thyroid tumors;
  • Renal impairment and renal dysfunction;
  • Pancreatitis.

Moreover, Byetta is contraindicated to be used in combination with rapid and short-acting insulin. Otherwise, a number of unwanted drug interactions might occur.

Working Principle

Here is how Byetta works: after being injected into the human body, it starts to mimick hormones that increase the production of insulin, slow down digestion, and decrease the production of glucose. This way, it manages to lower blood sugar levels and keep them within a normal range.

In most cases, Byetta should be taken twice a day within one hour before the two main meals (for instance, breakfast and dinner). It has to be administered in a form of a subcutaneous injection into the area of a patient’s thigh, abdomen, or upper arm with the help of a Byetta pen.

Taking Byetta after a meal might lead to unwanted complications. Therefore , it is important to administer it only before a meal.

Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, Byetta does not lead to any serious side effects. At the same time, the given drug might cause any of the following symptoms:

  • Headache;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Diarrhea and digestion;
  • Itching at the injection site.

In most cases, the above-mentioned adverse effects do not carry serious health risks and fade away without any medical supervision. However, a patient should contact a doctor as soon as possible in case of experiencing any of the following complications after taking Byetta:

  • Critically low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia);
  • Allergic reaction;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Unusual bleeding;
  • Pancreas and kidney problems.

Serious side effects after the administration of Byetta might cause severe health problems. Therefore, they should by no means be ignored.
Byetta & Weight Loss


The price for Byetta might vary depending on a patient’s geographical location and insurance assistance. On average, it costs from $700 to $900 for 2.4 ml. In some cases, however, this price tag might be fully or partially covered by a prescription savings program.

How Is Byetta Related to Weight Loss?

Byetta injection & weight loss are directly related. Below, you will find the answers to the top-5 questions in this regard.

It is important to use Byetta properly. A patient should adhere to the instructions of their doctor and try to avoid a double or missed dose of the medication.

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Question #1: Does Byetta Cause Weight Loss?

Yes, the Byetta treatment causes weight loss while being used to lower blood sugar levels. It happens due to the power of the medication to suppress appetite by slowing down digestion.

Question #2: How Much Weight Can I Lose by Using Byetta?

It is difficult to define the exact weight that might be lost with the help of Byetta since it strongly depends on the individual peculiarities of each patient. On average, however, patients taking Byetta managed to lose weight that equals 3 kilos within a 24-week period (while patients receiving placebo lost about 1.5 kilos).

Question #3: Can I Use Byetta for Weight Loss Only?

A patient should NOT use Byetta only to lose weight. It is essential to remember that the primary indication of the medication is to lower blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. While the weight loss is only an additional effect of Byetta.

Question #4: How Does Byetta Affect Appetite?

By affecting a patient’s digestion, Byetta has the power to suppress appetite. According to the recent clinical trials, a vast majority of Byetta patients claim to starting eating less (due to the decrease in their appetite) and having more energy at the same time.

Question #5: Can Byetta Cause Weight Gain?

It is very unlikely for a Byetta patient to gain weight.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has helped you to find answers to all the questions you might have had in regard to the usage of Byetta for weight loss. In case of having any further questions in this regard, make sure to always consult with your healthcare provider. Stay healthy at all times!

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