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Benefits of Green Tea for Diabetics

The Best Green Tea for Diabetes

by Owen Clarke 19 Apr 2023

Enjoying a beverage has already become some sort of ritual for people all around the world. Either you are stressed and need a little distraction from reality or just want to add more glam to your day – a nice drink will be an excellent addition. However, it may be tricky to pick the right beverage for diabetics, as their selection is limited. No soda, sugary drinks, or sweet juices – so what else to choose?

Tea is an excellent option for people with diabetes; it’s rich in antioxidants, refreshing, and available in various flavors, so you definitely won’t get bored. It’s believed that green tea is the best for proper blood sugar control, so today, we would like to concentrate on this exciting topic. Make sure to share this article with those who may find it interesting!

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The Best Green Tea Brand for Diabetes Prevention

Diabetics have trouble controlling their blood glucose levels; based on the diabetes type, their bodies either don’t produce enough insulin to maintain blood sugar at decent levels or can’t respond to the naturally-produced insulin appropriately, so medications are needed for that. Either way, creating safe eating habits ensures nothing threatens their well-being.

Green tea consumption counts numerous benefits; it’s proven that this beverage can reduce the risk of diabetes development if it’s consumed daily (preferably a few times per day). It also helps manage weight, which is essential for successful diabetes control and lowering blood sugar levels. According to recent studies, this tea type effectively lowers fasting glucose levels and A1C levels, which are essential when measuring diabetes health.

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In case you want to start drinking green tea more often but are not sure which brand is the best to manage insulin resistance, we have a few recommendations. First of all, the brand doesn’t really matter; you can select your tea based on your preferences of presentation (teabags or loose tea), type of leaves (finely ground or large-leaved), and other factors. Besides, many individuals recommend matcha green tea powder because of its deliciousness, benefits, and interesting presentation.Best Green Tea Brand

To prepare matcha tea correctly, you need to whisk the powder with a bamboo whisk in a little bawl. Add hot water or milk to make the beverage; when the substance is all foamy, top it with more milk or water and enjoy your drink. Some people prefer cold matcha, so adding ice cubes is also an option.

What Other Teas Can Be Beneficial for Diabetics?

Green tea is an excellent drink for diabetics, that’s for sure; however, other herbal teas can also be beneficial and bring some variety to one’s beverage choices. Hibiscus, ginger, black, oolong tea – there is plenty to taste!

All tea varieties discussed below don’t include additions in the recipes. Creamers, milk, sugar, and other inclusions may affect one’s blood sugar, and it must be remembered for their safety. Lemon, ice, and herbs, on the other hand, are safe to add to the drink, so think about them to improve the tea’s taste.

#1. Black Tea for Insulin Resistance

According to some epidemiological studies, black tea is helpful for blood glucose control, as well as reduces the chances for diabetes development later in age. Moreover, it can improve insulin resistance and alleviate the body’s inflammatory response.

This tea type reduces carbohydrate absorption and has a beneficial effect on body weight control, which is also somewhat helpful for people with diabetes mellitus. A few lemon slices will be an excellent addition to enrich the flavor and make it more interesting.

#2. Ginger Tea to Improve Blood Glucose

This drink may be a little bit spicy, so some people may not like it a lot. However, considering all its health benefits, it is definitely worth being considered as an addition to one’s menu. First, it’s able to lower fasting blood sugar levels and A1C for people with type 2 diabetes. Moreover, it demonstrates significant improvement in glycemic control (according to studies, you need to have at least one cup of ginger tea per day for three months to see the results). Ginger slows down enzymes included in the carbohydrate metabolism process and increases insulin sensitivity, which makes it easier to manage blood sugar levels.

#3. Hibiscus Tea for Blood Pressure

Drinking hibiscus tea is not only refreshing and tasty – this product can also make it easier to manage diabetes-related problems, such as high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. It reduces the odds of having a heart attack or stroke. Drink it twice a day to decrease systolic blood pressure; approximately one month is required to see a decent effect.

Systolic blood pressure is the pressure in the arteries you may notice at the top reading when your heart beats; diastolic blood pressure is the bottom number and indicates arterial pressure between heartbeats.

#4. Rooibos Tea to Slow Down Diabetes Progression

The benefits of drinking herbal tea made of rooibos shrub are still studied; however, it’s known for sure that it’s helpful when it comes to weight loss. And when you are trying to manage diabetes mellitus type 2, losing weight is essential for the overall success of the treatment. Not only that but managing body mass is also crucial for treating prediabetes delay, so basically everyone can benefit from it.

When choosing your tea, remember one thing – if it’s included in a small amount, you may need more than that for a good effect. So, all those “diet teas” are not more than a marketing trick unable to deal with an actual problem. So, it’s highly recommended to talk with a doctor and search for concentrated versions of rooibos tea.

#5. Peppermint Tea to Keep You Calmer

Peppermint tea is well-known for its calming abilities that can be good news for one’s A1C numbers. The thing is, individuals with type 2 diabetes with high-stress levels experience blood sugar spikes more often compared to other patients.

Not only is the tea helpful, but as it turned out, aroma therapy that includes peppermint is also effective in reducing anxiety, fatigue, and frustration. As a result, it’s easier to control blood glucose and see an improvement in diabetes management in general!

#6. Cinnamon Tea for Glucose Control

This type of tea is also known as daalcheeni tea, and it uses Indian spice to make the beverage taste more interesting and make blood sugar management easier. So, why is cinnamon considered beneficial for individuals with insulin resistance?

Well, first of all, this spice slows down sugar release in the bloodstream (but don’t add more than 3 grams of it to the drink). Moreover, if cinnamon tea is consumed regularly, it can improve one’s insulin sensitivity and boost cellular glucose uptake. And let’s not forget that the product positively influences fasting blood sugar and lipid levels, which are essential for diabetics.

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The General Benefits of Herbal Teas

To understand which type of tea to select as your new afternoon drink, it’s better to consider each option’s benefits. There are a few that should be highlighted about herbal teas, so you should pay close attention and remember them:

  • They are excellent for weight loss. According to studies, green tea improves the metabolic rate and allows one to burn fat much faster;
  • Some teas are beneficial for brain function. It’s mainly related to the caffeine present in some tea types, which is a natural stimulant. That’s why many people prefer drinking it during work or studying to achieve better results;
  • Antioxidants in some teas work well to reduce cancer risks. Green tea provides up to a 30% reduction of the cancer breast risk; it’s also rather effective for prostate cancer prevention.

Avoid This Tea if You Have Diabetes

All beverages discussed above are incredibly beneficial for the health of those with diabetes mellitus; still, some things should be avoided when making tea for diabetics to ensure there are no risks to their blood sugar levels. We are talking about the followings:

  • Don’t add milk to beverage;
  • You don’t add sweeteners to your tea (store-bought substances claimed to be sugar-free are also not good). Consider stevia to add some sweetness to your drink;
  • Before trying any new recipes, discuss them with your doctor to ensure you select the safest variant for your menu.

Regarding side effects after tea consumption, there are no severe symptoms that people should be cautious about. The only thing that should be remembered is that black and green tea contain caffeine, so it’s better not to drink too much before going to bed.

The one thing you should be cautious about is the additional components you incorporate into your tea. Milk, sugar, creamer, as well as sugary snacks are not the best idea for blood sugar control, so plan your meals carefully to keep glucose at an average level. 

To Sum Up the Topic

Green tea is an excellent addition to a person’s meals as a safe, delicious, and diverse option. It reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes by 17%, helps to maintain blood glucose at a normal level, and prevents blood sugar spikes effectively. On top of that, this drink is excellent for weight loss, blood pressure reduction, and cardiovascular diseases prevention.

There are numerous ways green tea can be brewed, as well as many other useful herbs may be added to make it tastier and more beneficial. Thank you for reading this article; now, it’s a great time to go and make yourself a cup of green tea!

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