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Ozempic and Pregnancy: A Guide for Expectant Mothers with Diabetes

by Owen Clarke 13 Mar 2024

Pregnancy is marvelous, but at the same time, it is a challenging thing women go through. A mother-to-be must be extremely careful and take care of herself and the baby to have a positive experience with minimal complications and discomfort. Pregnancy can be challenging even for those 100% healthy, not to mention individuals who must manage their blood sugar daily for their overall well-being. Therefore, it is no wonder diabetics are often curious about the safety of certain insulin types intake during pregnancy. Today’s article is dedicated to the medication that has become trendy in both diabetes and weight loss spheres – Ozempic. Is it safe for pregnant patients? Can it control blood glucose levels effectively, or must it be prescribed in combination with other medications? We’ll explain all the nuances, as well as answer all the most popular questions about Ozempic during pregnancy in this article.

Before we start the discussion:

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Planned Pregnancy and Ozempic Overview

Ozempic is an effective medication meant to manage blood sugar levels and maintain the mother’s and fetus’s well-being. Poorly controlled blood sugar levels are dangerous for pregnant women and increase the potential risks of premature birth, preeclampsia. as well as gestational diabetes. Such conditions can not only be potentially harmful for a mother-to-be but for a baby as well, leading to problems like hypoglycemia, neonatal jaundice, and respiratory distress syndrome. Thus, maintaining proper blood sugar levels is vital for safe childbearing in the end. Plus, Ozempic may also help to keep up with a healthy weight. Of course, it’s normal to experience weight gain during pregnancy, but certain limits should be considered.

Still, each case is unique, and sometimes Ozempic is not the right call for one’s needs. That’s why we’d like to emphasize the importance of proper consultation in a doctor’s office, where all the treatment‘s nuances are discussed, examining one’s current health situation, and individually picking recommendations. Everyone has their own peculiarities that must be considered when planning a safe and effective Ozempic therapy.

Top 5 Questions About Ozempic and Pregnancy

To better understand Ozempic’s characteristics, we believe we should answer patients’ most common questions about this product and the delicate pregnancy period. Below, you’ll find the top 5 topics normally discussed in the diabetes community.

#1. Is It Safe to Use Ozempic When Trying to Conceive?

There is no explicit proof that Ozempic can affect one’s ability to conceive. However, it’s a well-known fact that proper management of blood glucose levels is vital for those trying to get pregnant. Besides, a healthy pre-pregnancy weight is also an important factor during one’s journey. So, we believe it’s better to discuss this topic with a doctor and define the safest plan to get pregnant and carry a baby without any unwanted complications. Some people may need to switch medications, while others will only benefit from Ozempic. Every person is unique, and that’s the fact.

#2. Does Ozempic Have a Negative Impact on the Fetal Development?

The thing with Ozempic is that this brand has yet to be studied on humans. All the examinations were conducted on animals (pregnant rats in particular), and the studies demonstrated major birth defects regarding their skeletal development. However, once again, studies were not conducted on human pregnancies, so all the decisions regarding Ozempic must be made with healthcare providers after a careful checkup in the clinic.

#3. Should I Change Ozempic Dose When I Get Pregnant?

Ozempic is a medication that mimics the function of GLP-1, which is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. Its main task is to help patients lose weight while also managing blood sugar levels. Some people take the maximum recommended human dose of Ozempic to see prominent results and fulfill their needs, but most of the time, the dose should be regulated according to certain health peculiarities, pregnancy being one of them. So, once again, all the important decisions are always made by a specialist to provide a safe experience to an individual.

#4. Can Ozempic Cause Birth Defects?

A limited number of clinical trials and research make it difficult to determine the effect of Ozempic on the pregnancy experience. However, according to animal studies, high doses of Ozempic caused birth abnormalities in rats and rabbits. Thus, even though some valuable data was received after such studies, it’s still impossible to say for sure whether Ozempic can cause the same problems in people, and if so, which dose can be considered potentially dangerous for a pregnant woman.

#5. Is It Safe to Take Ozempic While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding while taking Ozempic is another blind spot that should be studied more in the future. There is no data about its presence in human milk, as well as medication’s influence on milk production or a baby. This is the main reason why breastfeeding women should discuss all the risks and alternatives with a doctor to decide which path they choose and which recommendations should be followed for the overall safety of the experience.

What Are Ozempic Alternatives for Diabetes Management During Pregnancy?

Managing diabetes during pregnancy can be a challenging task, which demands precision and extreme carefulness. All medications, including Ozempic, must be reconsidered and discussed with a doctor to ensure they won’t affect a baby or a mother-to-be. As for diabetes control, insulin injections remain the most effective way to maintain blood sugar levels within a normal range. Sometimes, specialists also prescribe oral pills, such as metformin and glyburide. Still, each drug has its own risks and benefits, thus the best option is selected according to one’s health peculiarities and special needs.

How Dangerous Is Poorly Managed Diabetes for Pregnant Women?

Managing diabetes is vital to prevent complications and numerous health issues that may develop because of this problem. However, this goal is even more important for a future mother who wants to have a positive pregnancy experience and minimize all the risks for her baby.

There are a few things that can be expected if diabetes is not managed properly. For example, during the first two months, there is a risk of improper organ development in a fetus, leading to brain, heart, and spine defects. Also, babies carried by diabetic mothers experience abnormal growth more often, so it’s a common thing for women with diabetes to need a C-section instead of a natural birth.

Plenty of factors can affect the overall pregnancy experience, so to be sure that Ozempic is a safe medication for one’s needs, staying in touch with a healthcare provider is a must. Only they can plan a safe scheme according to one’s needs and current health situation.

The Bottom Line: Ozempic and Pregnancy

As you can see, Ozempic and pregnancy are quite tricky topics and have plenty of nuances that must be considered for the sake of mother-to-be and baby safety. Many points must be discussed with a doctor throughout the whole experience, as blood sugar control is essential during pregnancy. The combination of meds for this purpose is picked out individually according to one’s unique case and needs. But one thing remains unchangeable – Ozempic can be safe during pregnancy if used according to the doctor’s instructions and under a specialist’s careful supervision. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of this delicate topic. Return later to read more helpful articles in our blog!

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