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Internal Semglee Vs. Lantus for Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

Semglee vs. Lantus: Exploring the Differences and Similarities of Long-Acting Insulin Options

by Samuel Gagne 15 Jun 2023

According to the data from 2022, approximately 11.3% of people in the USA live with diabetes. That’s why it’s quite easy to understand the variety of brands for blood sugar control on the market; in fact, so many choices may sometimes make the overall process of picking the right medication a little overwhelming. So, we believe it’s always good to make your own little investigations and learn more about different insulin brands to select the best options for your organism. We noticed the comparison articles are well-received among our website visitors, so here is another blog post we hope you’ll find helpful.

Today, we would like to concentrate more on two long-acting insulin brands – Semglee and Lantus. All essential detail about these products, along with some use full tips, will be mentioned below, so keep reading to educate yourself on this topic. The Insulin.Store team prepared everything, so you have no trouble following along!

Basic Information About Both Brands

Because of similar ingredients used in the compositions of these brands, people often confuse Lantus and Semglee. However, certain essential differences must be considered to ensure the most effective and safe option is selected to control blood sugar for one’s needs. But before we get to this topic, let’s first learn key information about both medications to understand what exactly we are talking about.

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More About Lantus

Lantus is a brand-name injectable that works with insulin glargine; it belongs to the long-acting type of medications and is very similar to the human insulin produced by the pancreas. This kind of insulin must be administered once or twice daily (preferably mornings and evenings) for well-maintained glycemic control.

Lantus high-quality medications can be prescribed for patients with diabetes type 1 and type 2; moreover, individuals with gestational diabetes can also use this brand for their benefit. The main thing is to visit a doctor’s office and calculate the right insulin dose to ensure there won’t be any overdose incidents.

As for the available Lantus forms of release, vials, syringes, and vials are available, so you can choose the most comfortable option for your needs and buy Lantus online from Insulin.Store. We guarantee that your parcel will be delivered to your address within a few business days!

Semglee Definition

Semglee insulin glargine is another type of long-acting insulin. It occurred on the market after Lantus was presented and is considered relatively new among all the options available for glucose regulation in the blood.

Semglee glargine-yfgn is biosimilar to insulin glargine, which is considered the first interchangeable biosimilar insulin product for Lantus. It’s available in both vials and pre-filled syringes, so the most comfortable option can be selected according to one’s needs.

Lantus vs. Semglee Working Principle

The main task of Semglee and Lantus is to mimic the body’s natural production of insulin when the pancreas cannot produce enough of it naturally. That’s why these brands are considered “basal” insulin (the one which is secreted through the day and night).

As for the prescriptions, both adult and pediatric patients can use these brands for their benefits; the dose varies based on the customer’s health, type of diabetes, insulin index, and other essential factors. Also, they can be prescribed together with rapid-acting insulin to provide a better effect and more efficient blood sugar control.

After the Lantus or Semglee is administered, they make it easier to move glucose from the bloodstream into the cells to convert it into energy later and keep the body running properly. If the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, glucose accumulates in the bloodstream, gets stuck, and is unable to enter the cells. As a result, chronic high sugar may be the reason for their inflammation and potential damage.


Lantus is an FDA-approved reference product, as well as Semglee. After the medication administration, Lantus needs 1-2 hours to start working, and it maintains its effect for about 20-36 hours (depending on the prescribed insulin doses). As for Semglee, it also requires a few hours to start acting, and its maximum longevity is up to 24 hours. 

Effectiveness of Long-Acting Insulin

These brands don’t have any clinically meaningful differences regarding their effectiveness; the main reason for it is probably the same active substance – insulin glargine. This solution can improve glycemic control and prevent low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) and works well for both younger and older patients.

As for the recommended dose, it varies from person to person. It is recommended to begin with 0.2 units per kilogram and gradually increase the amount of medication until the best-working scheme is reached.

Similarities and Dissimilarities

Now as we know more about Semglee and Lantus, we can discuss the primary similarities and differences between the two brands. There is not a lot, but still, some essentials must be taken into consideration for a better experience and optimal blood sugar control.

Similar features:

  • These brands have insulin glargine in the composition, so they are interchangeable;
  • Forms of release are similar – pre-filled pens and vials (they require syringes to conduct the administration);
  • Side effects and possible risks are identical;
  • Both adults and children may use Semgle and Lantus for their needs;
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) cannot be treated with these products; instead, short-acting insulin must be considered as an option.


  • Even though the FDA approves both brands as safe options for blood sugar control, Lantus was approved way before Semglee, so people trust this brand more as it’s been on the market for longer;
  • There are some differences in cost and insurance coverage, but it must be discussed with the insurance company of choice to be aware of all the nuances.

As you can see, Lantus and Semglee are not that different from one another; still, a consultation with a doctor is crucial to select the most effective and safest option to regulate blood sugar.

Adverse Reactions You Should Be Aware of

We have already mentioned that the brands discussed in this article have the same basal ingredient in the composition – insulin glargine. That’s why most post-injection adverse reactions are the same for them.


Not all patients experience side effects after insulin administration. Still, paying attention to the symptoms is highly recommended, and informing a doctor if something feels odd or develops into more severe reactions. 

What are some potential adverse reactions you may expect?

  • Blood sugar index less than 70 mg/dL (also known as hypoglycemia);
  • Mild allergic reactions;
  • Local injection site reactions (such as swelling, hypersensitivity, bruising, etc);
  • Rash in the administration spot;
  • Body fat distribution changes (more known as lipodystrophy);
  • Edema (fluid retention);
  • Weight gain.

blood sugar

A medical specialist must be informed if any severe adverse reaction occurs after insulin infusion. We are talking about trouble breathing, allergic reactions (like tongue or throat swelling), irregular heartbeat, sudden sugar drop, fatigue, painful sensations in the injection spot, and others. The sooner a specialist is warned, the sooner they can create a treatment plan to ensure a patient is safe and nothing threatens their well-being.

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Which Option Is Better for Me?

There is no correct answer for people who wonder which insulin is better for their needs. To select the right option, you must go through all required medical tests to understand the needs of your body and the problems that have to be targeted. It’s also essential to understand the body’s sensitivity to insulin to select the most appropriate brand and correctly calculate the dosage and injection frequency.

Ideally, Semglee and Lantus are prescribed together with fast-acting insulin to provide a better effect; however, it’s once again decided after a detailed examination in a doctor’s office. It’s common to require some time and try multiple brands to find the right insulin option for a patient; the most important thing here is to remain calm and follow all the doctor’s instructions.

What Are Natural Ways to Control Blood Sugar?

Using medications is not the only way to maintain blood sugar levels well. There are some things you can do at home to try for your own benefit:

  • Managing healthy eating habits. Adding nutrient-dense carbohydrates to your diet is a good idea, as it’s one of the few ways to help with blood sugar control naturally. Such products as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and legumes are fiber-rich carbs you may consider. On top of that, products with protein and healthy fat are also beneficial for one’s health;
  • Add dietary supplements to your diet. Some well-known products for blood sugar management improvement are cinnamon, berberine, magnesium, and chromium. Even though there is no medical proof of a significant improvement for people with diabetes, there are still many stories that prove certain supplements can be rather helpful, so consider this option for the future;
  • Increase your physical activity. Being active is a perfect way to manage blood sugar levels naturally. All because muscles use extra glucose for energy, so it doesn’t accumulate in the bloodstream. Not to mention that it reduces the chances of cardiovascular events like stroke or heart attack.

The Bottom Line: Semglee Insulin vs. Lantus

Semglee and Lantus are two long-lasting insulins that work perfectly for patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2. They contain insulin glargine in their base, which provides a long-lasting effect and helps regulate blood sugar for more than 24 hours. To select the best insulin brand for a person’s needs, going to a doctor’s office and pursuing all required medical examinations is essential. Hopefully, you found all the answers to your questions in this article. Stay safe!

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