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Samuel Gagne


Name: Samuel Gagne
Position: Student
Education: Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Canada

From childhood, I was fascinated by human nature and human structure. Apparently, this was the driving force in determining my future career in medicine. When I entered the university, I did not doubt y choice for a second, on the contrary, I made sure I did everything right. Medicine is a complex science and requires a lot of concentration, skills, and abilities. But all this hard work brings in the end a reward in the form of knowledge and skills that will save or keep someone’s life in the future.
My practical interest and field of research in medicine is the problem of diabetes. I believe the danger of developing this disease can occur in many people and it will negatively affect their lives. Therefore, I detail all aspects of the development and progression of diabetes, such as psychosocial impact, specific assessment of diabetes, psychological stress, weight-loss interventions. Modern medicine has made significant progress in the study and treatment of diabetes, but unfortunately, has not developed drugs that would free a person from the symptoms of this disease.
During my studies, I was able to work for some time in a hospital. Of course, it was all in the shadow of doctors, but I consider this experience a good achievement at the beginning of my professional career. During this time I learned a lot, especially from a practical point of view, which inspired me to further study the problem and form the topic of my thesis. One of the specific problems is to study the influence of the psychological state on the etiology and control of diabetes, in which the main driving mechanisms of such influence are still unclear.
I believe that sooner or later medicine will overcome this disease. And I, as a future doctor, of course, would like to contribute to this achievement. In the meantime, I will try to do everything in my power to successfully complete my studies and get the opportunity to work as a doctor. I know that in addition to the desire to learn, it is essential to have good psychological endurance because I will have to face various cases and extreme situations that require patience and a cold mind.

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