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Trulicity and Metformin: Addressing Diabetes Effectively

by Owen Clarke 29 May 2024

Diabetes mellitus is a disease characterized by high blood sugar levels caused by either poor or inappropriate insulin secretion. Due to its chronic nature, it cannot be fully cured as of now. Luckily, its symptoms might be effectively diminished with the help of numerous diabetes medications offered by the world of medicine these days.

In this article, you will be able to go through the most essential information on Trulicity and Metformin, two effective medications employed in diabetes treatment. What are they? In how far are they different from other diabetes medications? And, last but not least, what are the main similarities and differences between them? Let us figure it out together!

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What Is Diabetes Mellitus?

Above anything else, how about taking a close look at diabetes mellitus? Below, you will find its detailed definition and treatment options.


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. It occurs due to the inappropriate functioning of insulin secretion. As a natural hormone responsible for the transportation of sugar you get from food to your body cells to get transformed into energy, it is exceptionally important for the human body. Still, sometimes any of these insulin-related complications might occur:

  • Your body might either produce too little amount of insulin or do not produce it at all;
  • Your body might produce enough insulin but use it in an inappropriate way (due to, for instance, poor insulin sensitivity).

Both cases mentioned above usually lead to poor blood sugar control and tend to require immediate medical attention. Even though they cannot be fully cured, they might be effectively managed by a wide range of diabetic medications used to improve glycemic control (including both Trulicity and Metformin).

It is also worth mentioning that diabetes mellitus might be of two major types, namely type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, pregnant women usually experience an increased risk of gestational diabetes mellitus, the only non-chronic type of disease that might fully disappear as soon as a woman delivers a baby.

Treatment Options

Treatment options used to address diabetes mellitus strongly depend on the type and severity of the disease diabetic patients have. For instance, a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus would need to depend on insulin injections to improve blood sugar levels. While a patient with type 2 diabetes, in turn, has a chance to achieve normally low blood sugar levels by leading an active lifestyle and sticking to a healthy diet in some cases.

Still, the exact treatment options for this or that particular patient to lower blood sugar levels should be recommended exclusively by his or her healthcare provider. The main reason for this is that they strongly depend on the individual peculiarities of each patient’s body (including his or her medical history or medical conditions). As clinical trials show, one person with type 2 diabetes might manage to eat smaller meals and, thus, manage his or her blood sugar levels, while the other one would have to depend on diabetes medication.

What Is Trulicity?

Taking Trulicity is one of the effective methods to address type 2 diabetes mellitus. Check out the general information, indications, and potential side effects of this treatment below.

General Information

Trulicity is a first-line medication prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It belongs to a drug class of GLP-1 receptor agonists. For this reason, Trulicity is a medication that mimics the work of GLP-1, a natural hormone responsible for the acceleration of insulin secretion and the deliberation of gastric emptying.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Trulicity is advertised in single-dose pens that should be subcutaneously injected into a patient’s body. Regardless of the Trulicity dosage required by a certain patient, it is usually administered in the form of a weekly dose.

Similar to other medications of a similar type, taking Trulicity not only helps a patient regulate his or her blood glucose production but also plays an important role in weight management. Namely, a great number of patients claim to lose weight after starting using the medication.

Indications and Potential Side Effects

The main purpose of Trulicity is to help people living with type 2 diabetes mellitus regulate their blood sugar levels. At the same time, however, it is also a medication that has the power to prevent the occurrence of numerous major cardiovascular events (such as cardiovascular disease).

In the majority of cases, taking Trulicity helps a patient arrive at normally low blood sugar levels without experiencing any severe allergic reactions or complications. However, it is possible to notice some gastrointestinal issues (for instance, mild to severe abdominal pain) after starting using the medication.

What Is Metformin?

Taking Metformin is also an effective method of addressing type 2 diabetes mellitus. Below, you will be able to go through the general information, indications, and potential side effects of this treatment.

General Information

Metformin is an affordable generic medication used for blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It belongs to the drug class of the so-called biguanides. Thus, Metformin does a great job when it comes to increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing glucose production by the liver of a patient.

It is important to mention that Metformin is advertised in two forms, namely a tablet form or a liquid form. Depending on the individual recommendations of a patient’s healthcare provider, it should be taken either once or twice a day together with meals.

Apart from regulating blood glucose production, Metformin also effectively promotes weight loss in some cases (even when patients continue to eat foods they have been used to before starting the treatment). Also, it has the power to reduce the risk of thyroid tumors and similar health issues when properly used.

Indications and Potential Side Effects

Just like Trulicity, Metformin primarily aims to assist people living with type 2 diabetes mellitus in the regulation of their blood sugar levels. Additionally, it does a great job when it comes to the treatment of different health issues associated with insulin resistance (such as PCOS).

It is pretty uncommon for Metformin to cause a serious allergic reaction or complication. At the same time, some patients claim to experience mild to severe stomach problems after starting the treatment. In exceptionally rare cases (especially when a patient has had a significant kidney impairment in his or her personal or family history), Metformin might also lead to lactic acidosis.

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Trulicity and Metformin?

Now, let us briefly touch upon the main similarities and differences between Trulicity and Metformin. Check out the most important resemblances and distinctions between both treatments below.

To minimize the risks of unwanted drug interactions, it is not recommended to use Trulicity and Metformin together (neither for blood sugar control nor for weight management). Otherwise, please make sure to take Trulicity and Metformin strictly according to the recommendations of your healthcare provider.


The main similarities between Trulicity and Metformin include the following points:

  • Both treatments are recommended to regulate blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus;
  • Trulicity and Metformin have the power to promote weight loss and decrease the risks of cardiovascular issues;
  • The side effects of both treatments are quite rare and primarily include gastrointestinal issues.


The main differences between Trulicity and Metformin, in turn, are the following:

  • Trulicity is advertised in the form of a single-use injection pen, while Metformin usually appears as an oral medication (either in tablet or liquid);
  • It is typical to administer Trulicity once a week, while Metformin should be used either once or twice per day with meals;
  • Trulicity is the so-called first-line medication, while Metformin is a generic drug (which also creates a price gap between them).

Final Words

All in all, both Trulicity and Metformin are effective treatments for people living with type 2 diabetes mellitus. With their help, it becomes possible for a patient to keep his or her blood sugar levels within a normal range. Paying attention to the peculiarities of each treatment, it is the task of a healthcare provider to define which one, Trulicity or Metformin, is going to do a better job in each individual case. So, make sure to consult with your healthcare provider and address diabetes mellitus effectively!

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