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Foods to Avoid with Trulicity

by Owen Clarke 26 Apr 2024

Controlling one’s appetite and responsibly planning all meals is vital for individuals with diabetes mellitus. A lot depends on a person’s nutrition, including blood sugar levels control; that’s why it’s so important to use insulin, discuss helpful recommendations for glucose management, and maybe consider some supporting medications for appetite and body weight control. One of the products often prescribed with regular insulin is Trulicity – an effective injectable that helps keep blood glucose levels within normal range. It’s a popular option that has proven itself to be a safe and efficient solution. For it to work properly, following a nutrition plan and avoiding certain foods that can affect Trulicity’s effect is crucial. So, today, we would like to explain all the essentials about Trulicity and its special diet to follow throughout the treatment course. You’ll see that eating properly is not as difficult as it may seem.


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Do Trulicity and Other Diabetes Medications Demand a Special Nutrition Plan?

As Truliciy is mainly used as a diabetes medication, it is crucial for people to follow a proper nutrition plan to eliminate the chances of experiencing insulin spikes and hypoglycemia. On top of that, following all the instructions from a doctor regarding insulin intake is vital, as you must ensure a proper glucose level is preserved in the blood. Still, nutrition is one of the most discussed topics that should be kept in mind, so you should get familiar with all the information we provide below and incorporate some of the recommendations in your everyday life.

Food avoiding with Trulicity

Which Foods Should Be Avoided if You Use Trulicity?

Even though it may seem that there are plenty of foods to avoid with Trulicity, making it an immensely challenging task to follow this diet, let’s not be that dramatic about the situation. There are recommendations to avoid certain products, but it won’t hurt you to eat something once or twice. The most important thing is to control yourself and not overeat; you’ll deal with everything if you follow the plan.

Here is the list of products that should be avoided when you use Trulicity:

  • Saturated fats, trans fats, and complex carbs. These fats are mainly present in products such as cheese, butter, animal skin, coconut oil, fried foods, and fatty foods. Frequent consumption of those can lead to fast weight gain, as well as higher chances of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Alcohol. Alcohol may lead to rapid sugar spikes, as alcohol breaks glucose cells in the blood faster. Of course, one drink won’t hurt you, but it’s always better to measure your current blood sugar level before drinking;
  • Foods high in sugar (sugary drinks, fruit juice, etc.). Plenty of products include added sugars in the composition: white bread, tomato sauce, nut butter, and numerous others. It may seem that there’s no difference between added and natural sugars, but it’s not true. That’s why it’s important to communicate with your doctor to ensure you don’t cut off the essential components in your diet.;
  • Foods high in sodium. As Trulicity is often prescribed to individuals with cardiovascular problems, it should be remembered that products with a high concentration of sodium can worsen one’s heart conditions;
  • Processed food. Chips, crackers, and other snacks typically contain a lot of salt, added sugars, and fat, which has a negative impact on one’s glycemic control.

After conducting all the medical examinations and prescribing Trulicity to a patient, a specialist must highlight all the essentials regarding nutrition, as it’s vital for proper diabetes control. You’re not alone in this journey, remember that.

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Consider These Products for a Healthy Diet

We understand that it can be difficult to stop eating all your favourite sweets and snacks, and it’s understandable. In general, humans are creatures of habit, and incorporating any alterations is a pretty challenging task. However, there are some healthy alternatives that you may try to make your diet more diverse, so keep in mind these products:

  • Whole grains. Wheat, corn, coats, brown rice, whole-grain bread, and others will be perfect for you;
  • Vegetables and fruit. You can incorporate these as snacks or parts of your everyday meals – the main thing is for them to be fresh;
  • Low-fat dairy foods, like Greek yogurt, milk, etc.;
  • Various kinds of beans;
  • Eggs;
  • Seeds and nuts. Peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.;
  • Lean meat, such as chicken, beef, turkey, etc.

Switching to products that provide a more sustainable energy source is an excellent solution for supporting Trulicity’s effect; we are talking about healthy fats, protein, and fiber-rich options.

How to Prevent Severe Allergic Reactions and Other Side Effects?

Most Trulicity side effects are related to stomach functioning, so people typically experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and constipation when they first start using this product. The body has to adjust to the new solution, and that’s why all the unfortunate issues usually happen. Gladly, they are temporal, so after a few days (sometimes weeks), you should feel comfortable using this medication. If not, or if you experience more severe complications, it’s better to get in touch with a doctor and inform them about it. There’s a chance that an alternative should be picked.

Still, there are methods that can minimize side effect’s severity, so you can try these:

  • Eat just enough to feel full (don’t overeat);
  • Try to eat less but more frequently (four-five meals);
  • Switch to more bland foods to avoid nausea;
  • Incorporate peppermint and ginger into your diet;
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Everyone should look for methods that work for themselves to deal with adverse reactions. Experiment and don’t get upset if something doesn’t work. Everyone is unique, so treatment should be planned individually as well.

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To Sum Up: Plan Your Meals Properly for Trulicity Intake

As you can see, Trulicity is an excellent medication for preventing high blood sugar and maintaining a healthy weight. To ensure it works as it should, it’s important to follow a healthy diet and create a nutrition plan suitable for one’s needs. If it’s difficult for an individual to keep track of what they eat on their own, there is always an option to discuss all the optimal options with their doctor and maybe even consult with a nutritionist to create a perfect eating plan for their health situation. Hopefully, this article helped you reflect on your eating habits and understand more about the ways food affects Trulicity. Take care!

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