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Trulicity vs. Ozempic

Trulicity vs. Ozempic

by Owen Clarke 23 Mar 2022

Diabetes mellitus – a dangerous condition able to not only make one’s daily routine much harder but also cause several health issues that can be pretty dangerous if not taken under control on time. The variety of conditions depends only on the patient’s well-being in general, as well as on their weakest spots (for example, individuals with vision problems often suffer from diabetic retinopathy, and those who are overweight may face higher risks of strokes, heart attacks, and other heart-related issues).

Today, we would like to concentrate on the diabetics’ health problems related to excess weight more; in particular, on a product that is proven to be quite a helpful weight loss drug – Ozempic (and also the remedy that is often used as its analog – Trulicity). All crucial information and the most important differences and similarities are mentioned in this article. Please, don’t forget that you are always more than welcome to get in touch with our managers in case there are any questions about the products after reading a blog post.

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Drug Interactions and Other Common Information About Ozempic and Trulicity Weight Loss

Both Ozempic and Trulicity designed to control blood glucose levels were created for patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Even though both products belong to the same drug class – glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists – they contain different active substances. That’s why, before prescribing the correct type of diabetes remedy, a careful medical examination is required to create the best treatment plan to fulfill one’s needs.

Ozempic – semaglutide; Trulicity – dulaglutide

Typically, medicines mentioned above are meant to help with one’s diet and exercise program (to lose weight and reduce risks of stroke and heart attack in those with diabetes mellitus), as well as to improve glycemic control in adults. The should be no worries about the safety of both injectables because they received their Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, which means there are fewer risks of severe adverse reactions. However, the drugs are not approved for people with the first type of diabetes.

Sometimes, Ozempic and Trulicity can be prescribed not only for those who have diabetes but also for people with heart disease and various risk factors for this issue (namely, high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, and so on). In both cases, the main goal of the treatment is to help patients lose weight and improve their health conditions in general.

Forms/Dosage of Trulicity and Ozempic for Weight Loss

As it is claimed in clinical trials, Ozempic and Trulicity are typically available in the form of prefilled pens; however, the usage rules are slightly different. For instance, while Trulicity for weight management is meant for a single-use only, Ozempic pen can be used multiple times. The only thing a patient should do is change the needle after each administration for the overall safety of the process.

For most treatments, the drug should be injected once a week (sometimes, doctors may prescribe more frequent administration sessions). All individuals should remember that it is forbidden to change the dosage or the number of injections on their own; this decision can only be made by a medical professional after consultation and cautious examination in the hospital.

Trulicity Side EffectsTrulicity Side Effects

Any type of medication can cause specific side effects that should be announced to a person before they start taking them. The most common adverse reactions include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea/constipation, abdominal pain, decreased appetite, etc. Patients often report gastrointestinal disease, pancreatitis, kidney problems, diabetic retinopathy, severe allergic reactions, and thyroid tumors when it comes to more severe symptoms.

All side effects have to be reported to a doctor in order to receive proper medical help on time. In this way, it is possible to avoid dangerous conditions and preserve one’s well-being effectively.

Ozempic Side Effects

If we talk about Ozempic diabetes mellitus medications, the side effects of this drug are pretty similar to Trulicity injections. However, there are some exceptions that should be considered as well. For example, Ozempic can lead o thyroid cancer and serious allergic reaction; abdominal pain and low blood sugar are also pretty common symptoms. In order to avoid an increased risk of acute kidney injury and other adverse effects, always talk to medical specialists and inform them about any unusual symptoms or severe discomfort experienced after the administration session.

When Should You See a Doctor

The doctor should be informed about any severe adverse reactions a person experiences. That’s vital for preserving one’s well-being and treating warning signs of serious health complications on time. Even if there were no mentioned-above signs, it is still better to talk to a doctor if something suspicious occurs or if there is any discomfort. It can be nothing, but it is recommended to trust your guts.

Side effects are sometimes signs of an incorrect treatment plan, a wrong decision on the medication, or bad drug calculation. So, after the consultation, the medicine can be readjusted correctly based on an individual’s needs and body peculiarities. Do not ignore the natural signs given to you by the organism!

Primary Warnings for Patients

Even though both medications have already received their FDA approval, they still have some limitations that should be discussed with a doctor during the appointment; only after that, can they prescribe them for more effective blood sugar control and weight loss.

First of all, people who have a history of thyroid cancer of their own or in their family are strictly contraindicated to take Trulicity and Ozempic for their health needs.

Also, those who suffer from pancreatitis, a history of kidney problems, vision problems, and diabetic retinopathy should discuss other treatment options together with a doctor too.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also discuss alternatives for their blood sugar control because it is unknown how Trulicity and Ozempic affect their conditions and the baby.

A specialist has to be informed about all oral medications, prescribed medications, or over-the-counter medicines to find out whether diabetes drugs are compatible with them. Once again, that’s a very important step for a patient’s safety.

Foods to Avoid with Trulicity and Ozempic

Considering there are no strict food limitations when it comes to Ozempic and Trulicity, some aspects should still be kept in mind of every patient. For example, each person has their own recommendations when it comes to their diets and personalized nutrition plans. They decide which products should be cut off their shopping lists based on those.

However, there is one recommendation that shouldn’t be ignored – alcohol should be excluded from their lives completely. All because after alcohol intake, blood sugar levels tend to become lower; as follows, chances of getting hypoglucemia to become much higher.

Ozempic vs. Trulicity Cost
Ozempic vs Trulicity Cost

The price for the remedies mainly depends on the treatment plan created together with a doctor. In that plan, the dosage of the medication should be indicated; it is calculated based on the results of all medical tests, one’s health condition, and treatment goals. After the dose was defined and all details were settled, it is possible to start using the medicine.

We would like to remind you that the amount of Ozempic or Trulicity cannot be changed by the person on their own. In case diet or exercise plan is changed, or if an individual suddenly lost weight, it should be informed to a medical expert. Only they can recalculate the amount of drug according to one’s needs.

Can I Switch From Trulicity to Ozempic?

As experts claim, there is a possibility to switch from Trulicity to Ozempic and visa versa. However, it won’t be effective if one medication is not working for you, and you need something more effective for better blood sugar control. Why?

The thing is, these two products are pretty similar to one another and have almost the same results, so the will be no positive effect when it comes to diabetes handling. It is possible to change medication if prescribed medicine is not available or if there are any adverse reactions that occur afterward. So, there is simply no point in switching them if there is a need for better glucose control.

If a patient is indeed in need of better-working diabetes medication, a doctor will most likely prescribe an additional medicine (typically insulin) and will monitor one’s well-being for some time to see whether it’s working correctly. And we’ll once again remind you – an only medical professionals can change remedies, dosage, or the frequency of the treatment! Amateur actions can be harmful to one’s health!

PLEASE NOTE: Are you curious about incorporating Ozempic into your morning routine, especially in conjunction with coffee? If so, explore our article “The Morning Ritual: Ozempic and Coffee – What You Need to Know” for valuable insights into the considerations and effects of combining Ozempic with your coffee habits.

The Final Word

Trulicity and Ozempic are medications meant to help with blood sugar control in people with diabetes mellitus; they are mainly prescribed in combination with a well-planned diet and exercise program. They can also be very useful for people with heart disease by preventing strokes, heart attacks, and other unfortunate issues.

They are not recommended to people who have a history of kidney problems, thyroid tumors, pancreatitis, or vision problems caused by diabetes mellitus. All options for the treatment are typically discussed during a consultation, as well as changes in dosage, injection frequency, and other factors.

Insulin.Store wants everyone with diabetes to be able to buy insulin at an affordable price, as it is a vital medicine.

That’s it for today. Hopefully, our article was helpful, and now you understand the main differences between Trulicity and Ozemic much better. Make sure to check out more articles on the Insulin.Store blog; we have a lot more prepared for you. Take care!

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